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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

screwing the giants part 2

Dodgers lineup


Billingsley 11-9 3.65 vs. Cain 11-10 3.19

The Dodgers look to knock the giants further out of the playoff race, in the second game of the final series against our hated rivals.
The Dodgers coming off of one of the most dominating pitching performences and one of the most pathetic offensive showings in the same game. Kershaw was masterful, and now the Dodgers give the ball to another one of their young rising stars. Chad Billingsley takes the hill against Matt Cain.
Billingsley like the rest of the Dodgers starters since the all-star break has been outstanding, but as we all know in order for their starters to get a win, they must pitch a shutout, since the offense is just terrible, and the bullpen blows all leads.

I should do a post on how pathetic the Dodgers offense is this year, or Stac can. regardless the team has no offense, none, zip, zero hitting. oh sure they have a few good hitters, hit machine is good, and Loney is consistent at times, ethier is their all-star power bat. collectivley they are horrid.
one change in tonights lineup, theriot returns at second base and bats second. otherwise the cards shuffle, but its the same hand. and most likly the same result, either Bills pitches a shutout or they will lose 1-0, or 2-1.

however its possible they could eek out a couple of runs, perhaps Uribe can boot a couple of more grounders? and if Bills can shut down the giants mediocre lineup, well then wouldnt that just piss you off giants fans? this has to be frustrating right Giants fans? watching your hated rivals, who are out of the playoff race, knocking you further and further out of the race at home, shuting out your mediocre lineup in front of a sellout crowd, all wearing those idiotic panda hats, idolizing a below average over wieght infielder? I mean this one has got to be a lock right Giants fans?........ Right?.........GO BLUE!

on a side note, it looks like POD is done for the season and perhaps with the Dodgers. its reported that he has Plantar Facitis, basically its turf toe. The same injury that Charlie Haeger had earlier this season. POD has flown back to LA to consult with his doctors.

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