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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bills lays an egg in the 7th inning Dodgers blow another one

Dodgers 3 8 1
Rockies  5 3 0

the Dodgers and there fans have long wondered what to do with James Loney's inability to hit, today we finally figured it out, just tell him he's going to pitch, then let him warm up in the bullpen.

there were several other factors for both teams coming into today's series finale at coors field. with the 13 inning game yesterday, both teams had depleted their bullpens. the Dodgers bullpen has been so depleted with Guerra making 32 pitches yesterday, James Loney was warming up in the bullpen before the game. remember Loney was a very good pitcher in high school, before he was drafted and forced to do something that he naturally has trouble doing which is ya know hittin'

the Dodgers also had several players who were injured or banged up and limited in usage. catcher Big Rod is still nursing a sprained groin, but we were told he would be available if we needed him, but if not, Miles would be the emergency catcher even though he's never caught before at all. Blake was still unavailable off the bench because of his neck and extreme rustyness. Ethier was back in the lineup after his big toe injury, and even though Loney could possibly pitch at some point in the game, he was starting at first base to complicate things further.

then of coarse for Colorado who has lost several pitchers to injury and traded Ubaldo Jiminez, were starting the corpse of Kevin Millwood. the Rockies were starting two corpses in the lineup, Jason Giambi, former legendary roider was starting at first base as Helton was given a day off. Giambi has been basically living off the Rockie's bench for years it seems.
Colorado also hasn't won on a sunday since april 17th, so theres that.

Bills blew it again today
but the biggest factor today for the Dodgers was the new and improved James Loney. he went 4 for 4 tonight and homered but of coarse the Dodgers still lost 5-3.  Colorado only had 3 hits! and we were beaten by the corpse of Kevin Millwood. this series was embarassing. So heres what happened in another pathetic loss. don't worry Dodger fans, the pink slips are coming soon.

the Dodgers went down 123 in the top of the first.

Bills starts to suck in the bottom of the first, and we all fear we might be seeing Loney pitching sooner than we expected. with 1 out, Ellis singles, then Cargo hits a line drive home run over the scoreboard in right field. 2-0 Colorado. not good.
but Mullet grounds out, and Giambi whiffs ending the inning.

the Dodgers would recover for a run in the top of the second, Kemp and Rivera lead off with consecutive singles, the new and reinvented James Loney then doubles down the line driving in Kemp, cutting the lead to 2-1.
Navarro whiffs, and Carroll's Liner is snared by Giambi. Bills grounds out for the third out.

Bills finally settles down, and retires Alfonzo, smith, and Nelson consecutively. he had some good motivation, after all, having to be relived for Loney is pretty embarrassing for any major league pitcher. use this as fuel Bills.

the Dodgers tied the game in the top of third, Miles a leadoff single, then after a force out, and a dinky bloop out, Kemp's sinking fly to left appeared to be caught but wasn't by Seth Smith. he dove for it, but it bounced by his glove. Kemp got a double, and Sellers scores the tying run.
Bills has another good 123 inning in the bottom half of the third, striking out Millwood and fowler.

in the top of the fourth, Mr. Loney hits a home run into the right field bleachers. thats his 9th home run at coors field, the most by any opposing player. where have you been all year Loney?

with the Dodgers up now 3-2, Bills just takes over, pitching another 123 inning, whiffing Mullet and Giambi.

into the 5th inning, Bills walks, Smith, Alfonzo whiffs, Nelson whiffs while Smith steals second. Millwood the pitcher checks his swing, it appears the ball hit his bat, but the ump calls it a ball. Mattingly comes out to argue, but the umps just tell him to go back to the dugout. Millwood flys out to Kemp.

with two outs in the top of the 6th, Loney gets another hit, but navarro flys out, and Millwood makes quick work of the Dodgers this inning.

Bills walks Fowler to begin the 6th, and Ellis fouls off like 20 pitches or something, but Bills gets him to pop out to Loney, and Cargo hits into an inning ending double play. yesssss clutch!

move to the top of the7th, Millwood makes a great play snaring a liner getting and getting a double play. Carroll walks, and Billingsley hits a line drive right art Millwood, he had to fall to his knees to catch it and double up Carroll at first.

going into the 7th inning, Bills had only allowed two hits, but we knew it was only a matter of time until he melted down, and theres no one to relieve him. he retires mullet, walks Gaimbi his third straight inning with a walk, then Seth Smith hits one out, and just like that the lead is gone and were losing again 4-3.

god this team sucks, I seriously can't wait for the pink slips.

Rex Brothers comes into relieve Millwood, after ill wood goes 7.  Brothers walks Sellers, and gets Ethier on a fly ball. Jim Tracy makes an interesting move and almost got burned for it. Matt Belisle is brought in to face kemp, who was hitting .375 with three homers off him. Kemp's hot smash is grabbed by Nelson who throws him out while Sellers takes second.
Rivera grounds out, and its looking like another pathetic loss.

the 8th inning is really aggravating. Bills walks young. Fowler trys to bunt, and that useless pice of living crap Dioner Navarro makes another bad throw and everyone's safe. Ellis then bunts to third, and Miles throws him out. they need to stop allowing Navarro to make throws anymore.
Cargo is intentionally walked, and Mullet's fly ball to kemp is an out, but a run scores its 5-3. this game is over anyways. finally Bills is taken out after making a ton of pitches, and Kuo is brought in to face Helton.
of coarse when Kuo comes in theres the obligatory wild pitch that advances the runners. but Kuo recovers to whiff Helton. Kuo has looked good lately. the rest of the Dodger bullpen squatted down on the mood and layer an egg.

Betancourt comes in for the 9th, and we know the game is over at this point. Loney leads off with his fourth hit of the night. boy Loney sure loves colorado. fatty navarro whiffs uselessly. I swear that guy is worthless. Donnie trys a desperate move. he has Big Rod come of the bench to bat for Carroll. oh isn't this cute Donnie's playing for the homer here. Big Rod flys out to left. and Gwynn fouls out to complete another pathetic series loss. this team is full of losers. Colorado wins their first game on sunday since april 17th.

the Dodgers will fly to play a three game series in St. Louis, and there struggles there are well known. it should be another horrid sweep. with this in mind fans turn there attention to Decemeber. that month is key, since this is when the pink slips will be handed out, Non-Tenderings will happen, and the designating of assignments. I can't wait for these loser worthless players to be gone.

tomorrow's game is at 515PM on Prime Ticket. Rookie Nathan Eovaldi will take the mound against Chris Carpenter. good day Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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