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Friday, August 19, 2011

Kuroda and Dodgers Hammer Hammel

Dodgers 8 10 0
Rockies  2 5 0
HR-Big Rod-12-Gwynn-2

the dodgers returned to coors field as they continue their beer trip across the midwest. this is a bit of a different Colorado team since the last we saw them. there injured there slumping, and they've traded away Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland for prospects. there also just a game ahead of the Dodgers in the standings.
however they still have the usual cast of bastards ready to annoy us. the Cargo's the Mullets' and the Heltons still their for the Rockies.

before the game today we learned that Andre Ethier had an ingrown toenail, which got infected and had to be removed. it was on his big toe. but according to Mattingly hell only miss a game or two and its not serious. starting in right field in Ethier's place was Juan Rivera and Aaron Miles took his place in the lineup batting third. initially we scoff at the lineup that looks ridiculously weak, and without power (except for Kemp) however the boys in blue came through today just fine.  as the Dodgers beat Colorado 8-2.
Big Rod was the main contributor on offense going 2 for 4 with a home run and 4 RBI

the Dodgers get on the board right away in the top of the first. with 1 out, Sellers hits a grounder just fair inside and down the first base line. its a double for Sellers who continues to impress me. Miles then singles just past the diving glove of Mullet, Sellers hustles around to score and the Dodgers jump out to an early 1-0 lead. Bison hits the ball real hard, but its a line drive right at third, Nelson starts a double play to end the inning.

Kuroda retires colorado in order in the bottom of the first. striking out Herrera and Cargo respectively.

the Dodgers score again in the top of the second, Rivera doubles into the gap, and after Loney's fly ball, and typical wasted at bat, Big Rod laces a base hit over Ellis's head, scoring Rivera. 2-0 Dodgers.
wow two actual runs for Kuroda, do my eyes deceive me? Carroll draws a walk, and Kuroda sacrifices the runners over, but Tony Gwynn grounds out ending the frame. but still two runs for Kuroda is unheard of.

Kuroda makes quick work in the second, he strikes out Mullet looking on a 3-2 pitch. Helton walks, but smith pops up, and Alfonso grounds into force out. still 2-0 dodgers.

top of the third, with 1 out, Miles walks, Kemp sees a wild pitch whiz right past his head, Miles advances to second. after all that Bison strikes out. Rivera walks, and the ball four is another wild pitch, which advances Miles to third Loney singles, Miles scores, and its 3-0 Dodgers. this is Loney's 50th run driven in in coors field. colorado has a meeting on the mound. Hammel is really struggling. Big Rod finally puts the final nail in Hammel's coffin, a huge three run blast into the left field seats. its Big Rod's second game in a row with a homer, and his 12th of the year. 6-0 Dodgers!

the bottom of the third becomes a bit sketchy, but Kuroda and the Dodgers get out of it cheaply enough.
Ellis grounds out, Herrera bats for Hammel and walks. Fowler's long drive sends ether to the scoreboard wall for the second out. Nelson singles off Mile's glove.  Cargo singles into right field scoring Herrera, making it a 6-1 game. Mullet hits a grounder to Miles, and he very awkwardly gets the long out by way of first base.

Escalona comes in for Hammel in the fourth,  Tony Gwynn gets a hold of one and hits one over the scoreboard in right field. remember he hit his first homer of the year the other day in Milwaukee. 7-1 Dodgers. other than the Gwynn homer, Escalona doesn't allow anything else.

i the bottom of the fourth, Kuroda allows a double to helton, but strikes out Alfonso, and gets Mark Ellis to ground out back to the box.

Escalona pitches a 123 for the top of the 5th inning. keeping it a 7-1 game.

I'm happy with the 6 run lead here, but I also know as well as you that its Coors field, and no lead is really safe in coors field, especially with the Dodger bullpen.

Kuroda pitches a 123 5th inning. and Escalona retires the dodgers in order in the 6th.

Kuroda starts to waiver in the bottom of the 6th. Cargo walks, Mullet hits a double to left, putting runner at second and third. Helton hits a sharp founder to Carroll which scores Cargo. its now 7-2. Smith hits a liner right at Kemp who guns it back in to hold Mullet at third. Alfonso's fly ball to Kemp ends the inning, and the Dodgers get out of it still leading 7-2. Kuroda's pitch count is mounting.

the Dodgers tack on more scorage in the 7th inning. Sellers an infield hit, Miles a walk, and then Bison drives in his 90th run of the year with an RBI single to left scoring Sellers. 8-2 Dodgers.
Escalona gets rivera on a fly ball, and then Jim Tracy makes a double switch and brings in J.C. Romero.
Romero retires Loney on a groundball.

Guerrier comes in for the bottom of the 7th. Kuroda goes 6 allowing two runs walking three and striking out 5. he comes out winning with 8 runs of support. Guerrier with 1 out allows a walk to Young who steals second, then Fowler's sinking liner to left is caught by a diving Tony Gwynn. Nelsons fly ball ends things in the 7th.

top of the 8th, Big Rod strains his groin and Navarro has to come in and he walks in the 8th. Carroll a force out, Oeltjen bats for Guerrier and singles. Gwynn strikes out and roenicke gets sellers to fly out.

Elbert starts the bottom of the8th by striking out Cargo, but Mullet doubles. Helton a little tapper in front of the plate, as the rain falls at coors field.  mat tingly makes a pitching change and brings in Dougie, who has been just awful lately. Dougie throws a wild pitch but it hits the backstop and bounces right back to Navarro, finally Wigginton who was coming off the bench, lines out to rivera.

Roenicke stays in and pitches the top of the 9th. Kemp strikes out on a called third strike that was borderline, Kemp says something walks back to the dugout, then gets tossed. stupid ump.
apparently if you even breath in the wrong way the umps just toss you. its ridiculous.

ok move to the bottom of the 9th here,  Hawksworth comes in to finish the game. the Dodgers put Gwynn in center and the useless Velez in left field.
Alfonso pops out, Ellis flys out, and Young flys out ending the game. the Dodgers win 8-2! beating Colorado always puts me in a great mood :)

Tomorrow's game a 110PM start time was originally slated to be televised on Fox, but they dropped the game so it will be radio only. we will have a radio only recap for all the radio listeners out there. remember the Dodgers radio station flagship is KABC 790.  so dust off those old transistor radios! Ted Lilly will take the mound for the Dodgers. have a good friday night Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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