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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lilly vs Lee in game two

Dodgers Lineup

Cliff Lee-11-7 vs. Ted Lilly-7-11

tonight's game two of this three game series with Philadephia sees Cliff Lee drawing Dodger lefty Ted Lilly.

Lee is 11-7 this year for philadelphia and has been one of the better pitchers in the league. the Dodgers know him well. he shut them out in the 20069 NLCS, and has been giving the Dodgers problems for years now with his annoying 0.63 career ERA against the Dodgers. meanwhile Lilly is 1-5 vs. Philadelphia with a sickening 5.49 ERA. yeah big win tonight here. (SARCASM)

actually the only Dodger that has had any real success against Lee has been Juan Rivera who is batting .333 with three homeruns versus Lee. of coarse hes not in the lineup. so either hes still banged up from running into Chase Utley last night, or Don Mattingly is even more stupid then I thought. probably a little of both I would guess.

lets be realistic here. the Phillies have the best record in baseball, and the Dodgers are the Dodgers with Ted Lilly on the mound. tonight could get real ugly. be sure to take cover during the Phillies predictable homerunfest off Lilly.

but hey apparently Don Mattingly and James Loney still are optimistic and think the Dodgers still have a shot at making the playoffs, or according to a L.A. Times article recently. this is just laughable. should we all trust Don Mattingly and James Loney due to all their success this season? (SARCASM)
that article is a perfect example of how out of touch Mattingly is with reality. his continued acceptance and promotion of this atmosphere of losing that surrounds the Dodgers is unacceptable.
Im all for a fresh start in the offseason with new players and a new manager.

tonight is Duke Snider bobblehead night, and the Dodgers will have a stencil of Duke Snider's number 4 on the field throughout the homestand in his honor.
tonight's game is on at 710 on KCAL. please stay with us after the game for our postgame recap.

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