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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nathan Eovaldi makes second big league start in clash of the bottomfeeders

Dodgers Lineup

Bud Norris-5-8 vs. Nathan Eovaldi-1-0

well here we are Dodger fans. after the other night's embarassing meltdown, and the predictable sweep at the hands of the Phillies, the Dodgers return to a familiar place.....the cellar.
yep after all the optimism over the Dodgers improved play over the last few weeks, the sweep has put them back in last place. at the moment the Dodgers are only a half game ahead of San Diego for the NL west basement. the Dodgers record is 52-64.

and so with this wonderful news, brings in another Basement bunch. the lovely Houston Astros.
the Astros are by far the worst team in baseball. they have an unfathomly bad record of 38-80.  yes there so bad they might even make the Dodgers look good, except for the fact the Dodgers have already lost 4 out of 6 to Houston.
the Astros at this point are almost like an expansion team, there basically starting over from scratch. they traded away  Hunter Pence, and Micheal Bourne. they have traded away all their all-stars, and there are no more Marquee players on the team. they dumped the rest of their high salary players, and have a boatload of rookies on the roster.

However the astros still have a couple of decent young pitchers left on the team. which brings us to tonight's pitching matchups.
right hander Bud Norris will take the mound for Houston. Norris is 5-8 and hasnt pitched well of late, he hasnt won a decision since early july. his last start against the Dodgers on june 19th he ptiched six scoreless innings, so theres that.
the Dodgers will counter with rookie righty Nathan Eovaldi, who is making his second big league start. since this lost season of losing is winding down this year, and were playing a team that has lost 80 games, i will focus on Eovaldi tonight. Eovaldi won his last start against Arizona, pitching 5 effective innings. however he will be facing his home town team, as Eovaldi grew up in the same hometown as Nolan Ryan, Alvin Texas. yes Eovaldi is a good ol' boy from Texas.

Dodger fans recieved even more depressing news, as the Dodgers announced that they placed rookie phenom Dee Gordon on the 15 day DL because of his shoulder injury. the injury isnt serious, but the Dodgers have called up Justin Sellers to replace Gordon on the roster, and he is playing tonight at shortstop, and batting 8th. and is there really any reason at all to be playing Loney? I mean Im just saying, he really sucks, and hes gone next year anyways.
also a big praise should go out to Juan Rivera who has been very very good this year.
the Dodgers also announced the signing of this years number 1 draft pick. Lefty Chris Reed signed with the Dodgers and will be at the ravine to watch tonight's game.

also dodgerbobble is having the last bobblehead contest of the year tonight. please check out for more info. he will be giving away a Duke Snider bobblehead to the winner. the Duke bobblehead is very cool. so check it out, and have fun!

game time is 710PM on PT. please join us after the game for our nightly recap. GO BLUE!

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