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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dodgers blow 6 run lead and get swept by Phillies at home

Phillies  9  11 0
Dodgers 8 12 2

I really have no words for this game. this was one of the worst games of the year. the Dodgers blew a 6 run lead, and lost to the Phillies 9-7. the Phillies complete the three game sweep, and finish their roadtrip with a 9-1 record. disgusting. every aspect of the game sucked for the Dodgers. while they did score runs today, they still couldnt come up with the big hit., the pitching staff couldnt get anyone out, and the range challenged defense made bumbling errors all day. just lovely guys. its possbile fatigue was a factor.

the game began very shaky for Billingsley. a 15 pitch at bat to Jimmy Rollins. Rollins fouled off pitch after pitch after pitch after pitch. finally Bills gets Rollins to foul out to Navarro. rat face singles, utley flies out, Big Nose walks, but Pence pops out.

the Dodgers score 5 runs in the bottom of the first in a plethora of hits off of a struggling Worley.
the inning began with Miles striking out looking. now strap on your seat belt dodger fans, its a wild ride. Blake and Ethier walks. Kemp singles through the hole at short, scoring Blake. 1-0 Dodgers.
Rivera clobbers a pitch into the left field bleachers for only the fourth Dodgers three run homerun of the year. 4-0 Dodgers. Loney walks, Navarro doubles down the left field line to score Loney, but hes thrown out trying to take third. fatty got greedy. but its 5-0 Dodgers. I feel dizzy. but in a good way

Rivera is a sluggin and a homerin'

move to the top of the third. with 1 out, Rollins singles, rat face doubles into the right field corner as the ball bounces over the short wall for a ground rule double. Rollins has to go back to third. this proves costly for the Phillies. Utley hits a shallow fly ball to Kemp. it appeared Rollins was going to hold at third, Kemp lobs the ball back to the infield, and then Rollins just goes for it. the throw from the infield to Navarro is just in time, as Rollins slides head first into home plate, Navarro applies the tag just before Rollins left hand touches home plate, and the Dodgers get out of it.

Navarro applies the tag just in time to get Rollins at the plate.

the Dodgers score another run in the bottom of the third. Kemp doubles, and Rivera singles Kemp to third. after Loney whiffs, Navarro's sac fly scores Kemp, and its 6-0. were in a camelot of runs.

in the top of the 4th, the Dodgers began to blow the lead they worked hard to get. Bills walks Big Nose to open the frame. Hunter Pence, who really has a wierd elbowey batting stance homers over the center field wall. its 6-2 just like that. Ilbanez grounds out, and Schnieder flies out. Martinez hist a grounder down the first base line, that bounces right off of Loney's glove (bumbling error #1) and into right field. its a two base error for martinez. the pitcher Worley flares a single into center to score Martinez, cutting the lead to 6-3. Let the game blowing commence.

more scorage in the top of the 5th. Bills is still in although I dont know why. rat face walks, Utley flies out. Big Nose singles rat face to second. why is Bills still in? Pence hits a perfect double play ball to Casey Blake, who bumbles it as it Ole's passed him into left field. (bumbling error #2) rat face scores, Pence and Big Nose advance to second and third. its 6-4. you see whats happening right? Mattingly finally hooks Bills, and brings in Kuo. Bills only pitches 4.1 innings so he cant qualify for a win. Ilbanez's grounder scores Big Nose, and Schnieder strikes out to finally end the inning, but the score is now 6-5 Dodgers.

the Dodgers fight back in the bottom of the 5th to score one more run. Kyle Kendrick relieves Worley in the 5th. Worly allows 6 runs through 4 innings, and probably had his worst start of the year.
after Kemp strikes out, Rivera singles, and Loney doubles him in. 7-5 Dodgers :)
Navarro's fly out, and a Caroll strike out end the inning.

I wanted to be really excited for this extra run, and I was, but I knew in the back of my mind that this game was already blown. that the ineffective dodger relievers would only conitnue to allow more scorage to the Phillies superior lineup. no suprise this is exactly what happens.

in the top of the 6th, which was another ugly inning, Martinez flys out but not before his foul ball is unable to be caught by Miles,(bumbling error#3) Ben Francisco batting for Kendrick draws a walk. Kuo is hooked, and Mattingly brings in Hawksworth. boy Hawk has been really bad latly, it makes me wonder if he is hurt too? I dont know but latly he has not been effective.
Rollins base knock sends Francisco to third base. Rollins steals second uncontested. we finally get rat face as he strikes out for the second out. Utley's single scores two more runs, and now its tied at 7-7.
then Big Nose hits one over the short wall in the left field box seats. the Phillies take the lead at 9-7.

I have no words at this point, six or 7 run leads are blown within a blink of an eye. Guerrier of all people has to come in and strikes out Hunter Pence for the last out.

Vinny was talking about a game back in 1990 where the Dodgers blew a 11-3 lead to the Phillies in the 9th inning. I remember that hellish game. this game is somewhat similar.

Herndon pitches a 123 6th inning.

Guerrier pitches around a Schnieder single for a scoreless 7th.

Brad Lidge comes in and strikes out Dre, but Kemp singles and steals second. his 30th steal of the year. go bison! rivera walks. Charlie Manuel makes another pitching change. Bastardo is brought in to face Loney. bastardo overpowers the batless wonder by getting him to pop out. Navarro predictably strikes out to end the inning in 2011 style.

in the top of the 8th dougie pitches a 123 8th inning.
the Dodgers go down pathetically 123 in the bottom half, and Guerra pitches a scoreless topm fo the 9th.

ok move to the bottom of the 9th. last chance for the Dodgers, and in typical fashion, the Dodgers mount a failed rally that comes up just short. with Madson into close. (hes saved the first two games of the series), Blake singles, Ethier flies out as Ilbanez makes a nice catch against the bullpen gate, Kemp singles into left, sending Blaker to second. Rivera's force out erases Kemp at second, but scores Blake from third. Score 9-8 now. Oeltjen runs for Rivera, and Big Rod bats for Guerra. Big Rod hits a long fly ball that takes rat face to the track but he catches it for the final out of the game.

Ilbanez makes a nice catch

some wierd notes about the game, today was the first game in the series where the Dodgers had an extra base hit.
Bills didnt strike out 1 batter. and walked three allowed 5 runs, yet got a no-decision.
Kemp went 4 for 5, and Rivera went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs, and is now hitting .338 with the Dodgers.

there is no point even looking at the scoreboard anymore. who cares what Arizona and the Giants do. what these two teams do means absolutly nothing to us.

honestly we cant win games like this. other than Kemp and Ethier, and maybe Rivera, no one can hit, the pitching has been mediocre, a manager who sucks, and a defense that cant get to any balls. this is why we are where we are in the standings. were just playing out the schedule, thats it.

there was also more bad news for the Dodgers. Dee Gordon has a shoulder contusion and was placed on the DL. no word as to who would replace on the roster, but my money is on Dejesus. we will see.

thank the lordy we dont have see the Filthies until next year. I hate them all and wish Philadelphia nothing but failures in the playoffs.
watch as the Dodgers continue to finish their 2011 schedule. tomorrow is an off day and the Houston comes in for three over the weekend. rookie Nathan Eovaldi will be making his second big league start on friday night. well see you friday night Dodger fans. this was an exhausting game, I need a drink.
go blue

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