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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Andre Ethier Slams it in Simers face, leading Dodgers to win

Padres    5 9 0
Dodgers 8 7 0

Andre Ethier watches his Grand Slam home run go out

Boy that Andre Ethier sure does suck doesn't he? Im being sarcastic of coarse. Andre Ethier continued to prove the haters wrong, leading the Dodgers to an 8-4 win tonight. since that stupid T.J. Simers article posted Ethier has 6 hits, including a grand slam home run hit tonight. he was three for 4, the second night in a row, he's had three hits, and has raised his average up to .294. I hope Simers and the rest of the hater were watching this game.

I thought tonight would be a low scoring affair, boy was I wrong! for Tim Stauffer and San Diego, they were there own worst enemy.
the Dodgers scored 8 runs in the bottom of the second, thanks to a huge walkapalooza by Stauffer. the Dodgers drew 6 walks off of Stauffer in the second, 7 walks in that inning, and 8 walks total in the first two innings. the Dodgers drew a mind boggling 12 walks. Kemp had 4 walks himself. Thanks San Diego! then Ethier hit the grand slam

Hiroki Kuroda's luck has finally turned. he has now received over 35 runs of support in his last five starts. if theres anyone who deserves it, its Kuroda.

Hiroki Kuroda wins his 11th
in that inning, Ethier started the scorage with a line drive hit to center, Miles walks, Ellis whiffs, Carroll walks, then Kuroda walks forcing in a run. Kuroda was actually trying to bunt when Stauffer walked him. Sellers sac fly scores Miles its 2-0 Dodgers. then Loney walks. Tim Stauffer-Walkaplooza 2011 tour. Kemp walks, forcing in a run, Rivera walks, forcing in yet another run. Stauffer just can't find the plate. its pathetic and highly amusing. finally the Padres take out Stauffer, and bring in Anthony Bass to try and restore some sense of sanity.
but Bass is no help, as etheir who started out the inning with a hit, slugs a grand slam home run into the right field bleachers. its 8-0 Dodgers! Ha! Eat your heart out Simers! Miles singles, Ellis walks, and Carroll's whiff finally ends the inning for the Padres. but this game is now out of reach now right? well........

Ethier gets high fives all around
no lead is really safe in these days of Bumpen meltdowns. Kuroda pitched well, but wasn't overpowering and started to tire out by the 6th inning.

he does get through the third with a 123 inning.

Top of the fourth, Kuroda allows a walk to Guzman, Blanks flys out, O-dawg singles to right sending Guzman to third, Hundleys fly ball probably should have scored Guzman, but it was hit to Matt Kemp, and  Im sorry San Diego but you just don't run on Matt Kemp. he throws a Bullet to Ellis, as Guzman is gunned down at the plate for the third out!

Kemp and Ethier both single in the bottom of the 4th, but Miles double play stops any chances of scorin'

Kuroda pitches a 123 inning in the top of the 5th. and Luke Greggerson does the same to the Dodgers in the bottom half.

top of the 6th is where Kuroda runs out of gas. up near 100 pitches, Venable pops out, Bartlett singles, and Guzman doubles him to third, big righty Kyle Blanks hits a home run deep into the left field bleachers, and its 8-3 Dodgers. o-dawg homers right after Blanks, and now its 8-4. Kuroda does get through the inning without allowing anything more, but his night is done, and he comes out ahead 8-4.

Blanks Home Run gets San Diego on the board.

Hudson crosses the plate after hitting a home run
Josh Spence pitches a scoreless 6th inning.

Guerrier relieves Kuroda in the top of the 7th. he had some trouble, but does get through it, but gives up a run. with two outs, Bartlett walks, and Guzman doubles him home. now its 8-5. now I'm starting to worry a bit. an 8 run lead down to three runs. this Guzman is pretty good, Im hoping the Dodgers are more careful with him from now on. Guerrier strikes out Blanks to end things in the 7th.

in the bottom of the 7th, off of Spence, Miles walks, but is thrown out trying to steal, on what looked like a busted hit and run play. Ellis singles, but Carroll grounds out.

Jansen has little trouble with San Diego in the top of the 8th. he whiffs O-dawg, walks Hundley, whiffs Forsythe, and retires Gonzalez on a fly ball.

I missed most of the beginning of the game dude to school, so her with me here.

the Dodgers threaten in the 8th, but don't score. Chad Qualls allows a walk to sellers, and Kemp. theres a wild pitch in the inning, but Rivera's ground out ends it.

ok so move to the top of the 9th. Javy Guerra, the Ice Man, comes in to close it. remember its not an 8-run lead now, but a three run lead. Guerra starts out sketchy, Parrino doubles into the gap. Venable's grounder moves him over to third. Bartlett chops out to Miles. Guerra then whiffs Guzman to finish it. Dodgers win!

a little too close for comfort tonight but well take the win. Kuroda wins his 11th game of the year, and the Offense really led the way tonight, led by Ethier.

the Dodgers now improve to 64-70, and take over sole possession of third place with Colorado's loss to Arizona tonight. the Dodgers magic number for a non-losing season is now down to 17.
Arizona won again tonight, they've won 8 in a row now and have a comfortable 6 game lead over the Giants.

on a side note, my mother was at the game tonight with her Boyfriend Roger. she was sitting right behind home plate and waived to me through most of the game. she was sitting right next to George Lopez, and Larry King. my Mom bleeds Blue too! interesting times at the ravine.

I'm really impressed with the Dodgers improved play. there really firing on all cylinders now. this is the closest we've been to .500 since the beginning of the season. lets keep it going!

tomorrow is the last throwback Uni game of the year. a 1210PM start time. Ted Lilly will counter Matt Leblanc, as the Dodgers look to sweep in the last game of the home stand. join us tomorrow Dodger fans!
great night! GO BLUE

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