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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dodgers face redbirds in St.Louis

Dodgers Lineup

Nathan Eovaldi-1-1 vs. Chris Carpenter-8-8

the Dodgers continue on their last stop during this beer road trip, with three games in St. Louis. the last time the Dodgers were in st. louis was last july. over one year ago, they were swept in a hellish four game series with temperatures soaring into the high 90's. I don't think it will be as warm this time around at Busch stadium, but you never know. the Dodgers never play well in this park.

the Dodgers will be facing several former Dodgers. Ryan "TOOTBLAN" Theriot, Octavio Bumtel, and our beloved hit machine.

It will be hilarious to see Theriot and Bumtel, but downright painful seeing Furcal in a cardinal uniform. Theriot only played with the Dodgers for two months, and Dotel only a few lousy weeks, but Furcal left his mark on the Dodgers for 6 years, while being one of the greatest Dodger shortstops of our generation, despite being injured often. he was traded to the Cardinals a few weeks ago on the trade deadline.
it is possible we won't be seeing any of them. Dotel is a middle reliever, Theriot is battling a hamstring injury, and apparently Furcal sprained his thumb while walking down to the batting cages. can you believe that? not sure if this is the same thumb he broke earlier this year with the Dodgers.

the pitching match ups for today has the Dodgers giving the ball to Rookie Nathan Eovaldi. Eovaldi is coming off his first loss of the sea on in Milwaukee, although you can't really blame the rook. he only allowed two runs through 6 innings to a very strong Milwaukee lineup. the Dodgers didn't score any runs for him. he's hoping to get some more run support today, otherwise he may have to start commiserating with Hiroki Kuroda.

the Cardinals will counter with Chris Carpenter. Carpenter has been merely mortal this year for the Cardinals. an 8-8 record and a 3.60 ERA. however Carpenter has been dynamite against the Dodgers. lifetime 6-0 record and a 1.57 ERA and 50 strikeouts. he has also been 7-1 in his last 11 starts. although Ethier and Carroll have hit him well, batting .385 and .353 respectively.

get a load of the lineup above. Mattingly really is an idiot. why the hell is that worthless loser Velez playing? Loney bats second why? because mattingly was fooled by Loney's Coors field induced 4 for 4 game. and Ethier bats behind Rivera. Lineup shakedown breakdown, come on everybody better hit or else!

the Cardinals play in Busch stadium, their sponsor is of coarse Budweiser beer. I would suggest all Dodger fans crack a cold one before watching this series, it could get ugly, or can the Dodgers reverse their history at the Busch?
todays game is on at 510PM on Prime Ticket. join us after the game for our nightly Dodger game recap. knock down a few cold ones tonight Dodger fans, GO BLUE!

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