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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dodgers rubber game in last game at coors field

Dodgers Lineup

Chad Billingsley-10-9 vs. Kevin Millwood-0-1

I have to admit after yesterdays game i was pissed,  seeing the Dodger bullpen lay an egg at coors field. and it wasn't televised so I listened to the game on radio. although I did see Oeltjen's inside the park home run on baseball tonight. Fowler had misplayed that ball, but it was still pretty cool. some unlikely Dodgers have hit home runs on this current road trip, Gwynn has hit two, Miles , and Oeltjen's homer.

the Dodgers are looking for a series win in the rubber game of this three game series. yesterday's marathon game was something they didn't need. the bullpen is all used up, I don't know who's gonna pitch if Bills can't go depp into the game. Guerra made 32 pitches yesterday, and everyone else from the bullpen was used for at least one inning.

well Bills will try and lift the Dodgers if he can, and hell have to go deep into the game today. he's 10-9 this year, and he's only 3-6 against Colorado. not good. but no one really hits him well from the current Colorado lineup, except you know who, yeah Helton. he's hit Bills at a .350 clip with a home run.
they have to stop pitching to that guy, they'll have to take their chances with whoever hits behind him.

Colorado will counter with right hander Kevin Millwood. yes this is the same Kevin Millwood that broke in with the braves years ago. he's been awful since he he's bounced around with a few teams. he was with Baltimore before the Rockies picked him up. he's 0-1 with Colorado. but of coarse he's always pitched well against the Dodgers with a 3-2 record and a 2.29 lifetime ERA, of coarse that was mostly with the braves years ago. colorado will have to be careful with Juan Rivera, he has killed Millwood in the past, hitting .409 against him with a home run and 5 RBI.

this will be the Dodgers last game at Coors Field, they have just three more games after today vs Colorado and then were done with them until next year. tune in to Prime Ticket, the game is televised at 1210PM. we finally return to televised Dodger Baseball. lets forget about yesterday's game, and get a win today. check in with us after the game for our post game recap. GO BLUE

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