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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cargo's diving catch plays big, ruining Dodgers sweep

Rockies 7 10 0
Dodgers 6 8 0

I had noticed that the Dodger lineup never was released online today, so I knew it would be a strange afternoon. the big news today was a big article that was posted last night by T.J. Simers of the LA Times. the article was about Andre Ethier and the Dodgers. I didn't read it until right before the game, but he talks about how the Dodgers maybe activley trying to hurt Andre. he uses quotes supposedly from Ethier saying the Dodgers told him to play while injured. he goes on to not only bad mouth Ethier but also bad mouth the Dodgers.
how stupid is this? remember back in June we had posted about another dumbass LA Times article on Ethier from Steve Dilbeck. but at least that article had at least a tiny bit of merit too it. this article from Simers is really lame. first of all even I wouldn't openly accuse Don Mattingly of intentionally trying to hurt Andre Ethier. I don't like his in game moves, but he would never do anything like that. Mattinlgy had said that he was blindsided by the article or something like that. whenever I read articles from T.J. Simers or Steve Dilbeck, there articles about the Dodgers are normally really negative. I always get the impression from their pieces that they just don't like the Dodgers, and don't like writing about them. I just don't understand that, but if Simers wind Dilbeck hate their jobs so much then maybe they should just quit, and stop trying to stir the pot by releasing these kinds of articles.

Ethier is a very good platter, he always has been. yes his second half has been very disappointing, but he's been hurt. he's Banged up. he has a bad knee and a bad toe. if Ethier's healthy he's gonna hit. if we have to sit Ethier the last couple of weeks of the season to get him healthy, then thats fine. theres no reason risking Ethier's health for a lost season.
the Dodgers have always checked with Ethier to make sure he is ok to play and Ethier has told the Dodgers  he's been ok enough to play. I'm not sure if I believe that they just told Ethier to "grin and Bear it" although that is what is quoted from Dre in Simer's piece.
Ethier isn't a superstar but he is a very good player. he deserves a decent contract extension. not Matt Kemp kind of money, but a decent extension is deserved. I think Ethier's comments were probably taken out of context. the media has been known to do that. as you know we here at DBF are Andre Ethier lovers.  he's one of the core group of players that we believe should be Dodgers forever.
let meexplain, I know this may be hard for people who didn't grow up within the Dodger culture their entire lives. to understand. we believe that Dodger tradition has been slowly slipping away from us over the last few years, what with all the ownership crap that has gone on. these core group of players has been the heart and soul of the Dodgers and responsible for their back to back NLCS appearances, and two division titles. the core group has been Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Kuroda, Russell Martin, Furcal, and yes even Loney. even Broxton was once included in this group, before his arm was blown into decline.

by holding onto these core group of players we believe will keep our Dodger tradition intact. I know these guys can't play with the Dodgers forever, but when I say forever I really mean many many many years.
over the last few years we've lost a couple of guys along the way, and its sad. we've lost Russell Martin, and Hit Machine left this year. we hope that we can hold onto Dodger tradition as long as possible.
Simers doesn't represent the opinion of the Dodgers or their fans. I advise Simers to quit hits job if he doesn't like the Dodgers. theres plenty of jobs available for a low rent hack journalist wannabe.

anyways onto the game today. it wasn't a good day today. the Dodgers lost to Colorado falling just short 7-6. their 5 game winning streak snapped. there were three main contributing things that helped lead to the Dodgers loss today. they are as follows......

1. a diving catch by Cargo preventing runs from scoring.

2. Nathan Eovaldi having his first port start of the season.

3. Don Mattingly allowing the worst player in baseball the 0 for 28 Eugenio Velez to pinch hit with the bases loaded and no body out.

heres how the Dodgers had their sweep spoiled during an intense Los Angeles heatwave.

Eovaldi has a bad day at the ravine
top of the first, Fowler walks, herrera fouls off hundreds of pitches before whiffing. Cargo whiffs as well, and Fowler steals second base.  then the flood gates opened. Mullet singles to left, Gwynn dives for the ball but can't come up with it and drops it. Smith singles sending Mullet to second. Wigginton walks, Kouzmanoff's fly ball to right is completly butchered by oeltjen. he was way over shifted and dives but the ball bounces off his glove for a double, allowing Mullet, Smith and Wigginton to score. Alfonso singles and another run scores. the inning ends when the pitcher Chacin lines out to Loney. when the dust clears 5 runs have scored off 4 hits. 5-0 Colorado. very depressing

Kouzmanoff drove in four of the Rockies 7 runs today

in the bottom of the second, Gwynn triples into the right field corner and Sellers singles him home cutting the lead to 5-1.

bottom of the third, Sellers doubles, after Bison whiffs, Loney doubles him home and its 5-2. good job Loney!

move to the bottom of the 4th, where the Dodgers scoring rally is halted by a diving catch by Cargo.
Oeltjen whiffs, Carroll (the singles machine) singes, Eovaldi whiffs, Gwynn singles Carroll to third. Sellers then hits a slicing fly ball down the right field line. it looks like it will drop in for a hit and maybe more. it would have scored maybe two runs, but Cargo makes a full extension diving catch robbing the Dodgers of scorage. damm that bastard.

Screw you Cargo!!!!
in the top of the 5th, Blake Crapsworth (credit stac for that one) comes in to put gasoline on the fire.
Eovaldi only goes 4 innings making 89 pitches.
normally reliable this year, Hawk gives up two runs. Cargo doubles, he whiffs Mullet, then Smith doubles home Cargo. 6-2 Colorado.Wigginton flys out, but then Kouzmanoff doubles, the third double in the inning. dammmit now its 7-2.

move to the bottom of the 6th, where we see Chacin tiring. Big Rod, Oeltjen, and Carroll all walk to load the bases, with nobody out. JimTracy makes a pitching change brining in Matt Reynolds.
to the shock of everyone with half a brain, Don Mattingly allows the worst player in Baseball, the 0 for 28 hitless wonder Eugenio Velez to pinch hit for Hawksworth. if theres no greater proof of Don Mattinlgy's inability to manage baseball games this proves it. why with Rivera and Blake riding the pine, would you have Velez hit in this situation. why? because he's a switch hitter? he's 0 for 28! just stupid.

I said to stac theres no way Mattingly would be that stupid, right??! nope I guess I was wrong. Velez hits into a force out, allowing Big Rod to score, its 7-3. Gywnn drives in Oeltjen with a sac fly and its 7-4. but we could have gotten more, but we have Don Mattingly as manager, what more can I say here?
Belisle relieves Reynolds and whiff sellers to end it in the 6th.

Kuo pitches a scoreless 7th inning, getting a nice double play to erase a walk he had given up.

Lindstrom relieves belisle in the bottom of the 7th, and the Dodgers get a little closer. Bison walks, and steals second for his 34th steal of the year as he continues his assault towards 40/40. after Loney pops out, Miles doubles into the right field corner, the ball nearly clearing that low wall, bison scores, its 7-5.
Big Rod flies out, but Oeltjen singles in Miles, its 7-6. will we see another Colorado meltdown? not today, it wasn't to be. Carrolls ground ball is converted to an out and the rally ends.

Dougie relieves Kuo and pitches a scoreless 8th inning.

Brothers pitches a 123 bottom of the 8th inning, and Jansen pitches the 9th without issues.

Betancourt closes up in the 9th, getting Kemp to pop out, Loney to whiff, and Miles to fly out, while Ethier was on deck ending the game. the Dodgers split the season series with Colorado, as we say goodbye t Cargo, Mullet, Helton. I am glad to see those bastards go.

apparently ethier was evaluated before the game, but we didn't hear any other news regarding his injured Knee or toe. if theres any new that breaks we will keep you informed.
the Dodgers fall to 62-70, and I think if they don't finish with a respectable record, we might see Mattingly and alot of other guys get pink slips in the offseason.

join us tomorrow as Clayton Kershaw will go for his 17th win of the season against San Diego, so that should be fun. game time is 710PM. keep hydrated Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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