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Monday, August 22, 2011

Miles Hail Mary triple sparks Dodger come from behind win

Dodgers  2 6 0
Cardinals 1 6 0

As Don Mattingly shuffled the Dodger lineup, the Dodgers came into Busch stadium in last place in the NL west, while the Cardinals are once again slowly fading away in the NL central division race. they entered tonight 8.5 games behind Milwaukee, with their Playoff hopes fading fast.

with Ethier dropped to 5th, Rivera batting cleanup, Kemp batting third, and Loney hitting second, the Dodgers struggled the whole game off of Carpenter before being sparked to life thanks to a hit batter, Miles triple, and a Errant throw by Furcal.
their was a terrific pitching duel between Dodger Rookie Nathan Eovaldi, and Chris Carpenter, but with the Dodgers on the edge of defeat, staged a miraculous come from behind rally to beat St. Louis 2-1.
perhaps there was some kind of divine intervention?

more importantly was how they got there though. down 1-0 in the top of the 9th inning, Aaron Miles game tying hail mary RBI triple scored Justin Sellers to tie the game, and the winning run scored on the next play a Fielder's choice grounder that our beloved former shortstop Rafael Furcal (Hit Machine) dropped and threw wide to home plate, as Miles scored the winning run. however Furcal was not in the lineup to start the game due to a thumb injury he suffered just walking out of the clubhouse for batting practice. remember if a strong breeze blows the wrong way, could land Furcal on the DL, he's like a fragile piece of glass.

the entire game was a fierce pitching matchup. both teams are held scoreless through the first inning. Eovaldi allows a single to Pujols in the bottom of the first but thats it.

in the top of the second, Rivera walks, theres a force out, Miles fouls out, Big Rod singles, but the hitless wonder Velez whiffs. why that guys is playing is beyond me.

bottom of the second, Berkman homers over the right field wall, giving the cardinals the early 1-0 lead.
Loney makes a great diving catch of a line drive off of the bat of Yadier Molina. Loney has been playing way over his head the last few games.

Eovaldi and Carroll whiff off Carpenter, Loney batting second in the Dodger lineup singles, but Kemp grounds out back to the box.

move to the bottom of the 4th, with two outs, Jon Jay singles, but is picked off first base. I think this is Eovaldi's fist career pick off.

in the top of the 5th, Big Rod, Eovaldi, and Carroll all go down 123 the red birds still lead 1-0.

the bottom of the 5th, sees the red birds threaten for the first time. with 1 out, Descalso singles, Carpenter strikes out trying to bunt, and Schumaker doubles into left field, Descalso is held up at third base. this proves important as Freeze grounds back to the box to end the inning, and the Dodgers escape the inning without any scorage.

Loney gets another hit in the top of the 6th, but thats all the Dodgers can muster in this inning.

Lindblom relieves Eovaldi in the bottom of the 6th. Eovaldo pitches 5 innings allowing only 1 run off 5 hits, walking 1 and striking out two. I'm liking Eovaldi, he's pretty good.

Lindblom very quickly retires Pujols, Holliday and Berkman in the 6th.

the Dodgers don't score in the top of the 7th, and Elbert retires Jay, Molina, and Descalso, to keep the game  1-0.

Carpenter keeps rolling as he pitches a scoreless 8th. with two outs Loney got his third hit of the game. ( he was 3 for 4) but Kemp flies out to end the frame.

Guerrier pitches a very quick 8th inning, retiring all three hitters in a row for the Dodgers. with Carpenter and Schumaker whiffing.

move to the top of the 9th, Carpenter still in, hits Rivera with a pitch on the hand, Rivera was ok, but Sellers comes in to pinch run.  theres a weird moment where Matt Holiday has to leave the game clutching his ear.  (in the 7th I think) I have no idea? anyways, Larussa goes to his bullpen and calls in veteran lefty Aurthor Rhodes. Ethier whiffs, and Larussa makes another pitching change, bringing in Fernando Salas. with 1 out, it looked like the Dodgers were doomed to defeat. the Dodgers would stage a miraculous come from behind rally, stunning the crowd at Busch stadium.
Miles triples into the gap in right center field, the ball was perfectly placed. Sellers scores, and Miles ties the game!!!

Aaron Miles game-tying hail Mary Triple ties the game in the 9th
Now Furcal had entered into the game at shortstop for defensive purposes. this would prove important. (it was very strange and sad seeing Furcal in a cardinal uniform) Jason Motte is brought in to relieve Salas, with Big Rod at bat, he hits a grounder to short, with the Cardinals infield playing in, Miles ran on contact. now in most circumstances I hate this play. the runner just goes on contact hoping to put pressure on the infielder causing a poor throw. normally this is risky, but with the hitless Velez on deck, either Miles scores on this play or we go to extra innings. I was fully prepared for this.
Hit Machine tries to backhand Big Rod's grounder, but he drops it as the ball bounces off his glove and lands right in front of him, he grabs and throws wide and late as Miles slides in and scores the go-ahead run for the Dodgers, as the Dodgers come from behind to take a 2-1 lead.
Casey Blake off the bench to bat for Velez, and hits into an inning ending double play.

Miles slides in safe with the go ahead run in the 9th inning.
Javy Guerra made amends for his blown save the other day in Colorado, by coming and pitching a scoreless 9th inning for his 11th save.
Pujols pops out to Big Rod, Patterson grounds out, Furcal tries to redeem for his defensive lapse by singling, but it was too little too late for the Red Birds, Jon Jay flies out to Gwynn in left to end the game, and the Dodgers win!

this was indeed a rare come from behind road win, in St. Louis of all places.

what a great win! tomorrows game is on at 510PM on KCAL. Join us tomorrow as Clayton Kershaw will take the mound tomorrow looking for his 16th win. hell draw Kyle Lohse. Celebrate good times Dodger fans! dodgers win! GO BLUE

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