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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beating the Dodgers is as easy as 1-2-3......

Dodgers 0 7 0
Brewers 3 6 0

put down those drinks Dodger fans. I feel like ive been messed with. I feel almost toyed with. no not because the Dodgers lost, were used to that this season. this was because the Dodgers put runners on base in almost every inning. not just one runner on, but multiple runners on base and still couldnt score. the Dodgers hit into a mindboggling four double plays, had a runner thrown out and home, and for good measure hit into a triple play. yeah im not kidding there was a triple play on their way to a pathetic 3-0 loss to Milwaukee.

Ease the pain doublemint twins, ease the pain

I cant fault Ted Lilly for this game, hes pitched well. only allowing 1 run through 8 innings, the only run coming on a Ryan Braun homer. its like its was two for one night for the Dodgers. two outs for the price of one bat! it was litterally dueces wild in miller park.

on to the highlights, and then commence drinking.

the two-fers began in the top of the first inning. with 1 out, Blake singles to right, but Dre grounds into a double play, the first of many......

"two of hearts two hearts that beat as one, two of hearts....I need you I need you....." DOUBLE PLAY1

now to the second inning. I swear you would have to see it to believe it Dodger fans. the inning starts off like all the innings for the Dodgers promising then ends in typical 2011 fashion. dissapointment.

Kemp walks, and Rivera singles, but Kemp trips rounding second and has to stay there. this would prove very important because....with Loney up , and of coarse its with Loney at bat, he hits a grounder up the middle, Wilson makes a nice stop, and flipps the ball from his glove to second to get Rivera, then the throw to first gets loney, thats two outs, then Kemp tries to score from third. Bison slides head first into home, the throw from Fielder is good, and Kemp slides in while just sneaking his left hand in to appear safe, but the ump calls him out. he looked safe to me, but in any event its a triple play. yep thats right its a 4-6-3-2 triple play. that kind of triple play hasnt happened in baseball since 1973. of coarse only the Dodgers......

Kemp argues with the ump, after being called out at the plate during a triple play

so with that Wolfman gets out of the inning, and its still scoreless, the Dodgers last hit into a triple play against Arizona in 2009. but lets move on.....

in the top of the third, Fatty leads off with a long double to center. Sellers singles up the middle, and for some inexplicable reason, Fatty is waved home. I have no clue what Wallach was thinking sending him, and hes thrown out at home of coarse.

that would ruin that scoring rally, as Lilly and miles ground out to end the inning.

Lilly pitched very well, striking out Kottaras and Wolf in the third.

another double play in the top of the 4th, screweed us again. Ethier walks, Kemp hits a shallow fly to center that looks like its gonna drop for a hit, but Hairston makes a diving catch, and doubles up Ethier off of first as he was in never never land. (this is the other Hairston brother, no the one with Washington. how many frickin Hairston's are there?)

"oh just the two of us we can make it if we try! just the two of us, you and I" DOUBLE PLAY-2

in the bottom of the 4th, the homerun ball strikes Lilly again. Ryan Braun goes yard. giving the brew crew a 1-0 lead. member Braun hits Lilly well.

the Dodgers kept helping out the wolfman with more double plays.  in the 5th, Rivera walks, and Loney grounds into another double play. ughhhh

"two heads are better than one!":-DOUBLE PLAY-3

move to the top of the 7th, the Dodgers would strand more runners. Blake walks against Wolf, and Ethier and Kemp strike out. Rivera singles Blake to third. Loney walks, but Navarro flys out to end the inning leaving the bases loaded.

Lilly pitches 8 innings only allowing 1 run but takes another tough luck loss. hes only allowed 6 earned runs over his last 26 innings, but and the Dodgers havent scored many runs for him in that span. Kuroda knows how he feels.

move to the top of the 9th, with Milwaukee's closer Axford in.

the Wolfman pitches exceptionally well, now why didnt we resign him? I dont get it.

oh wait did I forget to mention that Milwaukee scores two runs in the bottom of the 8th, off the lousy Dodger bullpen? yes Jonathon Lucroy hit a solo homer off of Scott Elbert. then Dougie comes in and allows a homerun to Corey Hart. this makes it 3-0 Brewers.

ok ok in the 9th, with 1 out, Kemp singles, and Rivera naturally lines out, and Kemp is doubled up off of second to end the game. a fitting ending.

"double bubble toil and trouble" DOUBLE PLAY-4

a truly sickening game. same gametime tomorrow dodger fans at 510PM, but on KCAL. its going to take alot of Beer to forget about this game. ughhhh. go blue

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