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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inept Dodger offense shoots another blank

Dodgers 0 7 2
Padres    3 6 0

It was the same ol' song and dance for the Dodgers tonight in their final game of the three game series in San Diego. they were shutout for the 11th time this year, losing to the lowly Padres 3-0. the Padres avoid the sweep, and snap their five game losing streak versus the Dodgers.

gernerally speaking pitchers that have ERAs of over 5.00 usually have them for a reason, so there before the grace of god goes Ted Lilly....or something like that. what does that mean? I dont know, Lilly sucks balls.

even though Lilly sucks, I cant blake him for the loss, the incompetant Dodger offense miserably fails many times, and the Dodger bullpen came in and just made things worse.

ok so here's the highlights, bear with me people, with Stac on the DL from child berthing, im on my own, and tonight was a school night so I was on gameday, and didnt get to see the game.
btw Stac will return to posting some time later this year, but until then its all me

the Dodgers go down 123 in the top of the first, and San Diego nearly scores off Lilly in the bottom half, and somehow Lilly gets out of it.
with two outs, Headly doubles, and steals third. Lilly has mastered the art of giving up stolen bases with his broadway style leg kick windup.
theres a walk to guzman, and Hudson flies out.

Rivera and Gwynn single in the second, but are left stranded as usual.
with two outs in the second inning, Martinez triples, but Stauffer strikes out to end the frame.

there is a cornicopia of outs, all the way until the 6th inning. with two outs, Ethier doubles, and Kemp is walked intentionally, but Rivera flies out.

bottom of the 6th, sees Bartlett going deep off Lilly. Lilly has truly mastered the skill of giving up homers. Lilly has allowed 24 homeruns now. this is only Bartlett's 2nd homer of the year.
hes able to get through the rest of the inning, and its 1-0 San Diego.

A picture is worth a thousand words isnt it? notice Bartlett's home run ball landing just above Lilly's name. IRONY

the Dodgers had their only chance to get on the board in the top of the 7th, but of coarse come up empty.
fatty singles, Tony Gwynn reaches on a fielding error by first baseman Guzman. its ruled a hit, but Guzman wasnt covering the bag.
Carroll sacrifices the runners to second and third. having a hitter that is batting .297 sacrifice so that a .243 hitter can bat with runners in scoring position is just plain stupid. Don Mattingly needs to stop giving away outs, and get his head out of his ass. sorry guys im not being kind in this recap, losing to the Padres in this fashion is just pathetic.

with Lilly's spot due up, Loney is called off the bench to bat. Bud Black makes a pitching change and brings in the lefty Josh Spence. Mattingly counters by calling back Loney, and he brings up Blake to bat instead. San Diego walks him intentionally loading the bases. they were trying to set up a force or a double play. they bring the infield in. Gordon at bat lines a screamer back to Spence and right into his glove. fuuuuuuuuuck! ok ok that was just bad luck there. with two outs, the count goes to 3-2 to Miles, and he is out, on a called third strike. according to the replays, it looked like a borderline pitch, but what the hell is Miles doing taking on a pitch like that with the bases loaded anyways? you have to be swinging there in that situation. Miles slamms his bat down in frustration.

move to the bottom of the 7th, Lilly's day is done, and this was probably one of his best outings of the year. he goes 6 innings, allowing only 1 run on 4 hits, striking out 7 and walking only 1. cant blame Lilly for this, the pitching is decent, and the offense is terrible.

the ineffective dodger bullpen is called in, and squats down and lays a nice big plump golden EGG on the field of petco park.
Matt Guerrier professional egg layer, allows a Cunningham triple to lead off the inning, hitting the ball down into the right field corner. the guy was hitting .107
theres a Blanks groundout, Gordon commits an error on a Martinez grounder allowing Cunningham to score. 2-0 San Diego.
Martinez steals second base, and Navarro commits another throwing error, his 800,000th of the year. Martinez goes to third. seriously how many times have we seen that loser throw balls into centerfield?
however tekotte strikes out, and Maybin flies out.

Chad Qualls pitches a 123 top of the 8th. Blake Hawksworth normally reliable, comes in to pitch the bottom of the 8th, and puts more gasoline on the fire. why not?
Bartlett singles and steals second, headly walks. Guzmans single scores Bartlett and sends Headly to third. 3-0. theres a hudson fly out. Mattingly has to relieve the reliever, and brings in Lindblom.
theres another stolen base, but as cunningham is striking out, Headly is picked off third base for the last out. does navarro redeem himself with that play? ummm NO

moving along to the bottom of the 9th. San Diego closer Heath bell, who stayed with the team, pitches a scoreless 9th inning, for his 31 save of the season. as a comparison our team leader in saves has 9.

the Bell does not toll for the Dodgers. that bastard

very pathetic game tonight, we have a day off tomorrow to further stew in our juices. we should have swept the Padres.
the Dodgers will travel to the desert for a weekend series with Arizona. the dbacks are playing very well, so this series should be very diffucult, and with the next series after against philadelphia, we could see the Dodgers lose 5 out of the next 6 games, or even all 6 games. yikes. well lets just try and think good thoughts for now.
Chad Billingsley will take the mound on friday night against Arizona. friday night's game is on at 640PM on Prime Ticket. have a great night Dodger fans. we will see you on friday.  GO BLUE

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