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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dodgers take 7 runs, and a four out Guerra save to the bank

Dodgers  7 11 1
Dbacks   4   9 1
HR-Big Rod-10

the Dodger bats came alive tonight in Arizona, Chad Billingsley picked up his 10th win, Guerra got four outs, to get his 10th save, and Big Rod had a very good game, going 2 for 4 with a homerun and a double. the homerun was you guessed it Big Rod's 10th homerun of the year, in a hard fought game the Dodgers won 7-4

top of the first. with 1 out, Blake and Ethier both single. Kemp hits a fly ball too deep center field, that looks like its gonna go out, but that bastard Chris Young makes the catch against the wall in the deepest part of the ballpark. ughhhh. Rivera walks to load the bases, Miles hits a sinking liner to shallow right, and Parra makes a diving catch head first. well that sucked.

in the bottom of the first, Bloomquist leads off with a double, but Bills retired Johnson, Upton and Young to get out of it.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the top of the second, and the Dbacks get a Roberts single in their half, but thats all.

the Dodgers go crazy in the top of the third. no really I mean litterally go crazy and score 6 runs.
heres how it happened.......Gordon reaches on a bunt single. the ball taking a blue roll down the third base line, but remained fair. Gordon then steals second, his 1th steal of the year. Blake singles into right field, and Upton makes another bumbling error, allowing Gordon to score, and Blake advancing to second on a passed ball. 1-0 Dodgers!
the Dodgers hit Collmenter hard last time, and they did it again. Ethier doubles into the gap, scoring Blake 2-0 Dodgers! the batting practice continued, Kemp singles Dre to third, Rivera flare singles, to left scoring Dre, and kemp going to third. 3-0 Dodgers. Miles sac fly scores Kemp. 4-0. a rare l;oney single sends Rivera to third. Arizona finally takes out Collmenter, he doesnt even last three innings.

Gordon scores in the third inning.

Mica Owings is brought in and Big Rod doubles, Rivera and Loney both score and its 6-0 Dodgers.
Bills strikes out, and Gordon grounds out to end the frame.

Billls rolls through the third inning, allowing only a walk to johnson, and thats all.

in the top of the fourth,Blake singles, Ethier and Kemp fly out, and Blake is caught leaning off second base and is thrown out.

in the bottom of the fourth, Bills continues to cruise, with 1 out, Montero singles, but Roberts flies out, and Goldschmidt strikes out.

Rivera walks in the 5th but is erased on a miles fielder's choice. Miles steals second, but doesnt score when Loney and Big Rod make out.

Bills pitches a 123 inning in the bottom of the 5th. and the Dodgers go down 123 again off of Owings.

Bills starts to tire by the 6th inning. with 1 out, Upton triples into the right field corner, and score on a Chris Young sac fly. 6-1 Dodgers.

move to the bottom of the 7th. this is where the game falls apart for Bills. we all could see this blowup inning coming a mile away. once again Mattingly fails to pull the right triggers to prevent the big inning, and Arizona scores two runs. the Dodgers were lucky to get out of it without further scorage.

Roberts walks, Goldschmidt singles, Parra's groundball single, scores Roberts and goldschmidt goes to second with nobody out. Burroughs bats for Owings and singles to shallow center, Bison trys to catch it but cant and traps it, and the bases are loaded with none out. now Mattingly finally brings in a reliever, but of coarse its alpha bum Guerrier, and he is double switched into the game along with Carroll. Bloomquist hits a grounder to second, and it should have been a double play or at least a force, but Carroll tries to backhand the ball and it bounces off his glove and into center field. a run scores, 6-3 Dodgers. dammit all.
Mattingly quickly hooks Guerrier and brings in lefty Elbert to pitch to Johnson. Kirk Gibson counters with Cody Ransom. Elbert easily strikes out Ransom, for the first out. Mattingly hooks Elbert and calls in Dougie to pitch to the red hot Upton. im almost scared to watch, but upton hits a liner that Gordon snares, and quickly doubles up Borroughs at second. its a great play for the kid, and the Dodgers get out of it!

in the top of the 8th, with Shaw on the mound for Arizona, Big Rod homers deep into the desert night over the right field wall. its Big Rod's 10th homer of the year. 7-3 Dodgers!

Big Rod slams his 10th homer of the season

move to the bottom of the 8th, Dougie still on the mound starts the inning sketchy, but walking Young. Dougie had easily picked off Young, and but Dougie's throw to second was like a Navarro throw to second, and naturally those go into center field. Young goes to third. Montero's sac fly scores Young and its 7-4 Dodgers. Roberts walks, and Dougie gets Goldschmidt looking like a statue on a called third strike. with two outs, Mattingly didnt want to take any more chances with Dougie, and brings in Guerra for a four out save. finally Mattingly does something right.
Guerra blows away Parra to end the 8th.

newly acquired Ziegler comes in and gets Blake to fly out, walks Ethier, but Kemp strikes out. Patterson releives and gets Gwynn to pop out.

move to the bottom of the 9th, with guerra in for a four out save, he strikes out Cowgill, but then Bloomquist singles. however, Ransom strikes out, and Upton flies out to end the game and give the Dodgers a 7-4 win! Guerra has been very clutch, and is now 10 for 10 in saves.

Guerra comes through again.

good game tonight. couple of things before we sign off. the Dodgers announced after the game, that they have optioned John Ely back to AAA and called up Nathan Eovaldi. the 11th round 2008 draft pick, will make his first start tomorrow for the Dodgers. well have more info on Eovaldi tomorrow before the game.
there was also a very ugly brawl in the Giants/Phillies game in San Francisco tonight. the Phillies beat the Giants 9-2, but the brawl took place because Rat Face Victorino was hit by a pitch by Ramon Ramirez, and charged the mound. both benches cleared, and it took quite a while before order was restored. ugly, but im sure there will be lots of suspensions handed out to both teams. this could be very costly for the Giants, who have been really struggling to score runs, and could really change the balance of the NL west race the rest of the way.

tomorrows game is at 510PM on PT. Eovaldi will draw Joe Saunders. join us for tomorrow's game two, and the debut of rookie Nathan Eovaldi. great game tonight! go blue!

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