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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kemp makes history as Dodgers rally for late win-Vinny returns for 2012

Rockies 1 5 0
Dodgers 6 9 1

I love this Bison
Tonight was a great night for Dodger Baseball. during a lost season tonight, was a night we have sorley missed all season. after 6.2 innings of frustrating Dodger baseball, the Dodgers finally broke through by scoring 6 runs in a fatal inning for Colorado. Loney homered, Matt Kemp hit his 30th home run, and more importantly, perhaps more important than anything that happened during the game, Dodgers Legend Vin Scully announced his return for next year.

both teams entered tonight on hot streaks. the Dodgers had won three in a row, and Colorado had won 8 of their last 11.

Lilly pitches well tonight, I'm guessing the acupuncture worked

Rookie Esmil Rogers has a meltdown in the 7th

I just don't get Ted Lilly, he just can't get through a game without allowing at least one home run. one minute he looks great and the next he's getting taken deep, like a triple A pitcher getting lit up like a christmas tree.
Lilly starts the game by whiffing Young and Fowler, he was effectively mixing pitches, and dropping in a nasty looking curveball. but he hangs a classic signature Lilly meatball to Cargo, and he hit it halfway up the right field bleachers. I mean I couldn't even see where that ball landed.
next batter Lilly whiffs Mullet. so the first inning Lilly strikes out the side, but gives up another homer. its 1-0 Colorado.

Cargo is quite annoying isn't he?

Bottom first, Sellers whiffs, Loney (who's been red hot of late) hits a grounder towards the hole at first, it would have gone through but Helton makes a diving stop, but throws behind Rogers, and Loney is safe. its ruled a hit. Bison singles to left, sending Loney to second. but Rivera hits into a double play, and around the horn double play, which ends the frame.

top of the second, Lilly retires the side, with Miles making a nice diving stop on a grounder to retire Alfonzo. the score remains 1-0 Colorado.

Big Rod whiffs to end the second inning. as Esmil Rogers makes quick work of the Dodgers.

top of the third, Mark Ellis leads off with a single off of Lilly. Rogers Sacrifices Ellis to second. Young hits a little roller towards the mound, Lilly fields and throws to first, but Young is running inside the baseline, and the throw hits him in the back. Young is ruled out for running inside the baseline, and Ellis is sent back to second base, so instead of being up 2-0, Colorado has a runner at second and two outs. Fowler flys out to end the inning.

in the bottom of the third, Carroll leads off with a single over Mark Ellis' head. Lilly can't get the bunt down and pops out to Rogers. Seller's line drive is speared by Kevin Kouzmanoff (we haven't seen Kouzmanoff since his days with San Diego) he gets up and gets Carroll at second, but Sellers beats the throw at first. Loney works the count to 3-2 before grounding out to Helton. so the Dodgers come up empty again in the third, we've been here before haven't we Dodger fans?

Mullet Man's 1 out double in the fourth puts Lilly in hot water. however he gets out of it. Helton's fly ball to Kemp, and Alfonzo's pop up gets the Dodgers out of it.

the Dodgers threaten in the bottom of the fourth, but come up empty as usual. with two outs, Ethier finally gets a hit reaching on a bloop single to center. Miles double down the third base line, sends Ethier to third.  they should have sent him. the .238 hitting Big Rod pops out and thats that in the fourth.

Lilly pitches a 123 inning in the top of the 5th. and the Dodgers go down in order in the bottom of the 5th.

after the 5th inning, before the start of the 6th, Vin Scully announced he was returning for another season to bless us with his wonderfulness. he was eating a cookie while it was announced. of coarse I was in the bathroom when he announced it. I can't even express in words how happy I am to hear this. this game tonight is meaningless compared to the knowledge of knowing that Vinny will be with us for another year. every game we hear his voice is a gift, he is our guide throughout the season. Vin deserves a post of his own. Exuse me Vin deserves a hall of fame dedicated and named just for him. we love you Vin, thank you for always being there for us.

move to the bottom of the 7th, this is where the wheels fall off for Colorado. The Dodgers score 6 runs off two walks, two balks, four hits, two home runs, and two pitching changes. here is how it happened.

Ethier and Miles both lead off with walks. Big Rod trys to bunt, but can't get it down, the count falls to 0-2 and I fear for the worst. but Big Rod inside outs a pitch into left field for a hit, which moves everybody up 90 feet loading the bases.
Carroll's fly ball to center is way too shallow, and Ethier is thrown out at the plate on a one-hop strike from Dexter Fowler. Ethier tried to slide around the tag but was easily out.  then Tony Gwynn who is batting for Lilly is intentionally walked. the bases are still loaded and Colorado is gonna take there chances with Justin Sellers.

now theres two outs, and Im pissed. I mean the Dodgers had the bases loaded with none out, and still couldn't score. just as Im about to start cursing at my television screen, Aaron Miles would pull a rabbit out of his hat at third base.


Dodger balk off win from last year

Remember this game? this was last year's balk off win, on a bluff by Casey blake who was at third base.

well Aaron Miles bluffs towards the plate, in the very same fashion that Blake did last year. Esmil Roger's who is very wet behind the ears, gets spooked and makes an obvious balk. miles scores the tying run!

Colorado manager Jim Tracy argues with the Ump, but is later ejected 

with Sellers still at the plate, he delivers with a clutch base hit to right. Big Rod, and Gwynn score, and the Dodgers take the lead 3-1!!!
theres another balk that sends Sellers to second. Jim tracy comes out to argue and is thrown out of the game. exuse me if I don't cry a river argentina.
Matt Reynolds is brought in to relieve Rogers, who completely melted down. things would only get worse for Colorado. Loney who has been on another planet lately, bombs one into the left field bleachers for a two run home run. its 5-1 Dodgers! and what in the world has gotten into James Loney!?
then history was made at Dodger stadium Matt Kemp hits his 30th home run of the season, a homer over the center field wall. Kemp becomes just the second Dodger to join the 30/30 club. thats 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases. the only other Dodger to accomplish this feat was Mondesi, who did it back in 1997.
Exuse me while I kiss the sky!

Kemp gives Mattingly a high five after hitting his 30th homer

with the Dodgers up 6-1 Jansen pitches a scoreless 8th inning. Lilly goes 7 allowing only 1 run-on three hits, walking 1 and striking out 5. He comes out in line for the win. with our frustrations finally over, we move to the top of the 9th, with the Dodgers still up 6-1,  they bring in Elbert to finish the game.
Cargo grounds out, but Mullet and Helton both single. but Alfonzo pops out, and Kouzmanoff whiffs to end the game, and the Dodgers have won 4 in a row!

Thank God Vin is coming back next year

a terrific night for the Dodgers. could it get any better than tonight? I was on my feet screaming for joy, then was nearly moved to tears by Vinny's announcement. all I can say right now is.............................................................LETS GO BLUE!!!!!!!

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