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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

loser bullpen blows another game for Dodgers

Dodgers  1 4 2
Brewers  2 6 0

you will probably look at the score, and or boxscore, and think, another typical game right? the Dodgers only score 1 run off 4 hits, and lost for the second game in a row to Milwaukee.

but if you look a little closer you can see that it wasnt the offense that cost the Dodgers today. ok let me rephrase that, the Offense has cost the Dodgers most games this year, but im not going to talk about the lousy offense, because we already know the Dodger lineup is pathetic. this game was lost in the 9th inning when Don Mattingly loser extroidanair couldnt pull the right strings again. he incorrectly used his bullpen, and then just stood there like a timid statue as he watched a clearly inferior relief pitcher load the bases and then blow the game.

well get to Mattingly's incompetance in a minute. the game started off as a pretty good pitchers duel between Bills and Yovani Gallardo.
however Bills started out shaky. with 1 out, Rivera screws up a grounder by Morgan and hes safe on the error. but I think we can forgive Rivera since hes been hitting so well latly. anyways, Barun singles, and Fielder's grounder moves the runners to second and third. Bills walks Mcgehee, but strikes out Betancourt to get out of the inning. nice work Bills.

the Dodgers score their lone run in the top of the second. Bison singles, and while Rivera is striking out he steals second. stolen base 31 for Kemp. theres a wild pitch that sends Kemp to third, and then Miles singles into left field to score Bison. 1-0 Dodgers.

the lead for the Dodgers was short lived as Milwaukee tied it up in the botttom half. Hairston a groundball single, Lucroy walks. Gallardo the pitcher sacrifices the runners over to second and third. Cory Hart grounds one to Blake, and he goes to first for the out, but hariston scores on the groundball and its tied at 1-1. Blake had a force play at third, and im not sure why he didnt try to get the lead runner but ok.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the third, and Bills works out of a jam in the bottom half of the third. we definatly saw the good bills today becasue he was excellent. Braun hits a grounder that goes off of Bill's glove, and Bills recovers to field it, but throws wide to first. Braun takes second on the error. Bills would recover though getting Fielder ,Mcgehee, and Morgan to all ground out.

move to the bottom of the 6th with the game still tied at 1-1, the Dodgers get a huge break. Fielder doubles, and goes to third, on Mcgehee's groundout. with 1 out and Betancourt at the plate, theres some kind of mix up. Either betancourt missed a sign, or something, but Fielder maybe expecting a squeeze from Betancourt gets caught in a rundown between third and home and is out. although very strange for Milwaukee to be thinking about a squeeze with Fielder at third, but hey whatever its your funeral Milwaukee. Betancourt lines out to end the frame.

Blake tags out Fielder in the 6th inning.

move to the top of the 8th, with two outs and nobody on base, Mattingly pulls Bills and has Oeltjen pinch hit.

Bills goes 7 allowing only 1 run off 4 hits, walking two and striking out 5. he was not involved in the decision and neither was Gallardo who also pitched very well.

so with the odds of Oeltjen getting a hit with two outs and the bases empty, and the fact that he hasnt played in weeks, seemed like an automatic out here. but Oeltjen draws a walk, and Gwynn singles Oeltjen to third base. but this team is full of losers, and Blake pathetically whiffs to end things for the Dodgers in the 8th.

now Guerrier pitches a 123 bottom of the 8th inning, and looks fine. I would have been alright if he had started the 9th, but our manager is mentally challenged.

another former dodger Takashi Saito comes in to pitch the top of the 9th for the Brewers. Saito is about a hundred, and is arm could detatch from his torso at any moment, still even these old decrepit relievers (some are former Dodgers) can pitch a 123 inning against us. Saito retires Etheir, Kemp, and Rivera and we go to the bottom of the 9th.

here is where Mattingly blows it. he has Kuo lead off the inning to pitch to Fielder. we cant keep throwing Kou out there hoping that hell magically be transported back in time to 2008-2010 when he was good. not gonna happen. Kuo predictably walks Fielder. so even though he had Elbert warming, he decides to make things worse and Bring in Dougie. as soon as Dougie enters we know the game is blown.
Mcgehee singles Fielder to second. then the Brewers even tried to help us out. seriously. Betancourt tries to bunt to move the runners over, and Dougie walks him. the bases are loaded and nobody out. Again Mattingly jsut stands there and lets Dougie blow the game. in which he does quie effortlessly. Mark Kotsay pinch-hitting singles up the middle, Betancourt scores and thats it.

dumb very dumb Donnie. another big problem is Jansen is hurt, and they have no way of getting the ball to Guerra, since the rest of the pitchers in the bullpen are losers.

not to worry Dodger fans this season is almost over, and then there is likly to be changes, and hopefully Mattingly will be gone along with the rest of the bums.
tomorrow same game time Rookie Nathan Eovaldi will take the mound for the Dodgers and go up against Zack greinke for Milwaukee. tomorrow's game is televised on KCAL. goodnight Dodger fans.

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