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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dodgers go for fifth straight win

Dodgers Lineup

Kevin Millwood-1-1 vs. Chad Billinglsey-10-10

so what could top last night's game? I'm not sure but another win today would sure help right?
last night we saw Vinny announce his return for next year, Kemp break the 30/30 club, and the Dodgers come from behind rally, that put them ahead for good.

of coarse I was in the bathroom during Vin's announcement, but I saw the announcement later. apparently vin was eating a cookie that a fan mails him every year to try and entice him to stay another year. Vin did it in classic Vin style. full of class, and dignity. he didn't want to draw attention to himself, or draw attention away from the game. Vinny's voice is a gift. every game we get to hear his voice is a gift from the baseball heavens. we love you Vin, thank you for being with us.

the game was actually delayed by ten minutes due to the entire umpire crew being stuck in traffic on the pasadena freeway. I guess there was an accident or something. welcome to LA umps.

yesterday I had said that Mondesi was the only Dodger to reach the 30/30 club, and that he did it in 1997. this is half true, because he also reached the feat again in 1999.

today;s pitching matchup is another rematch from last week. Kevin Millwood will take the mound for Colorado as they will try to regroup. Millwood is 1-1 this far with Colorado. he was just added a few weeks ago, and has already provided the Rockies with some much needed innings. walking only three batters in 20 innings of work. he beat the Dodgers last time. lets not let that happen again.

the Dodgers will counter with Chad Billingsley. were never sure which Bills we will get from start to start. will it be good Bills, or bad Bills? inconsistency has marked Bills up and down year. h epitched well last week against Colorado, but still took the loss thanks to two long balls. Bills is 10-10 against the league with a 4.07 ERA.

todays game is at 110PM nationally televised on FOX. that is unless they decide to drop the game at last minute like last time. they better not! lets hope this streak continues! lets make it five in a row! GO BLUE

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