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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walkoffpalooza 2011: Kemp saves the Dodgers

Cardinals 1   4  1
Dodgers   2  7  1

the Dodgers finally won a game, thanks to the usual cast of characters for the boys in blue. in the 9th inning Matt Kemp hit a huge walkoff home run to center field, after ethier doubled, and Billinsly pitches 8 shutout innings, as the Dodgers finally snap their 5 game losing streak, beating the cardinals 2-1

the cardinals entered the game looking for their first four game sweep at dodger stadium since 1968. they had won the first three games by outscoring the dodgers 29-9.

Chris Carpenter had never lost to the dodgers, and bills was trying to right the ship for the Dodgers.

Bills was overpowering. holding the cards to virtually nothing all day. by the 8th inning bills had only allowed 2 hits. both to holliday.
Bills pitched 8 innings allowing only 2 hits, walking 2 and recording 11 strikeouts. Bills career high is 13 hes done that twice.

Carpenter was also very good going 7 allowing nothing on 5 hits with no walks and 6Ks

the game completly deadlocked, saw the Dodgers only get one man to third base.  in the third, with 2 outs, Ryan "TOOTBLAN" theriot commited an error on a gwynn groundball. Carroll singles him to third. but ethier lines out to Pujols to end the inning.

the cards had nothing until the 9th. Bills just mowed down the vaunted Red bird lineup one by one.  Pujols went 0 for 4, David Freeze struck out  3 times. Rasmus was held to 0 for 4 as well with 3 whiffs. bills also struck out Berkman two times.

unfortunatly the Dodgers fielded the same useless lineup again. despite the best efforts from kemp and ethier, it was no score until the top of the 9th.

loney went 0 for 3 again, and now has the lowest OPS in all of baseball. Uribe had one lucky single, but went 1 for 3. Loney is now hitting .150, with Uribe hitting .154. needless to say, Uribe, Loney, and Miles, need to be immediatly released. dont put it off til later. do it now! notnext month, or next week, not tomorrow, but right this minute, as im writing this.

enough about those three bums, back to the game.

Bills had to fight a jam in the 8th, after ethier's fuck up, but he got out of it, and ethier definatly attoned in the 8th.

in the top of the 8th, Molina hit a high fly ball to right, and ethier lost the ball in the sun. Molina went to second on the error. Ethier asboltuly gets a pass for that one. hes been playing fantastic of late.
after Descalso sacrifices molina to third. Jon Jay pinch hits for carpenter. Bills strikes him out :) then gets theriot to fly out to end the inning. what a terrific pitching performence Bills truly pitched his heart out today!

move to the top of the 9th. Broxton now on to pitch. strikes out Rasmus swinging, and gets Pujols to line out. but Holliday continued to annoy us all by doubling off the wall.  an intentional walk to Berkman brought up David Freeze. and wouldnt you know it? he of coarse bloops one into right field that falls in front of ethier and over Miles head. Holliday scores. 1-0 red birds.
Brox gets Molina to pop out for the last out. lets not start flaming brox, remember, we havent been able to get holliday out the whole series, and freezes hit was a bloop.

in the 9th, it was clear that our only chance was if ethier and Kemp were up. luckily they were leading off.
Trevor Miller came into to pitch to ethier. Ethier with his last chance to extend his MLB leading 13 game hitting streak does just that! ethier lines a double down the line and the Dodgers are in buisness. with Kemp due up followed by Uribe and "groundball" Loney. Larussa brought in the cards closer ryan franklin to pitch to Kemp.

I noticed on MSTI's twitter it said " No pressure, Kemp, but you either hit a walkoff homer here or the Dodgers lose. Just sayin'" I laughed because no statement ever made could be any more true than that one.

not long after Matt Kemp launched a walk off Home run to center field, and was mobbed at the plate by his teammates. and with that our long nightmare is finally over. The Dodgers win a game, and avoid being swept.

with that I will leave you. but before I go, and tomorrows game is Lilly vs. Hudson at 710 on PT, lets commend Chad Billingsly for hell of a game he pitched. lets also thank Kemp and Ethier who have been nothing short of fanstastic. Kemp is destroying NL pitching, and Ethier now has a 14 game hitting streak. the rest of the lineup? well lets not go there today. lets thank the people who should be thanked and deserve credit for the win. thanks to Bills, thanks to Kemp, thanks to Ethier, and well.......thats all.
sleep well tonight Dodger fans! go blue!

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