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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dodgers return home after long cold road trip

Dodgers lineup

Jamie Garcia 1-0 vs. Hiroki Kuroda 2-0

the Dodgers return home today after a long grueling cold 3-5 roadtrip. lets forget about the last two games, except the fact that Ted Lilly should be embarassed after giving up a game winning homerun to Mike Fontenot, a guy with a long history of crappyness, and failing to get a bunt down which cost the dodgers the run. although they have bigger problems than Lilly's poor performances of late.

interesting lineup tonight, Hoffman gets his first and maybe last start of the season. its likly he will be sent down tomorrow to make room for Garland on friday. and hey A.J. Ellis gets a start at cather, giving big rod a day off.

todays matchup features jamie garcia for the cardinals up agianst Kuroda for the dodgers. Kuroda has been brilliant thus far, so lets hope he can continue his roll tonight.

in other interesting news, Juan Castro was hurt in last night's Isotope game, im not sure what the injury was but apparently it was pretty serious as he was placed on the DL. thus ends our long recurring nightmares of having to worry about seeing castro called up. believe me if youve never had the Juan Castro experience, you dont want to go there.

game time of 705 tonight on prime ticket. go blue!

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