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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dodgers try and win a game today, but with this lineup dont hold your breath

Dodgers lineup
Gwynn7 .286
Carroll6 .347
Ethier9   .386
Kemp8  .453
Uribe5   .143
"groundball" Loney3 .158
Barajas2  .200
Miles4     .214
Billingsly1 .000

Chris Carpenter 0-2 vs. Cahd Billingsly 1-1

The Dodgers field the same old lineup that is killing them, and of coarse we all know, they have zero and I mean zero chance of winning with this lineup. the bottom half of the lineup is like a blackhole, and the Cards are showing us what a real lineup looks like. and even our starting pitching has gone south this week. take a look at the batting averages above. after Kemp its pathetic. the Dodger infield is punchless and contributed absolutly nothing. Loney and Uribe are awful. the bench is useless. and Im about done with Loney. im done with him. I understand why uribe has to play, considering injuries, and big contract, but loney? cant we at least stick Thames there in the meantime? I dont know what happened to him, but hes done, finished cooked.

the last half of the lineup is like a blackhole, its getting so ugly actually that after last nights loss, Donnie met with Collettti, and the director of the minor leagues, to discuss their options. hopefully there discussing Jerry Sands debut in LA which will be soon I hope. its not Donnie's fault though. hes stuck with a bunch of underperforming useless veterans. Donnie cant turn chicken shit into chicken salad.

as ethier looks to extend his mlb leading 13 game hitting streak, Bills is looking to get the Dodgers back on track, although he has never pitched well against the cardinals with a career 1-3 record.  Carpenter on the other hand has never lost to the Dodgers (career 6-0 record).

one good news report to give you, Padilla is all set to begin his first rehab assignment today in single-A ball. if hes ok he should reutrn to the dodgers on their next road trip, which would finally signal the end of the line for Cormier. when this happens there will be a celebration.

can the Dodgers snap their 5 game losing streak and actually win a game? lets hope, but with this lineup dont hold your breath.....GO BLUE!

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