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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Horrendouz relief pitching, and poor catching does in the dodgers again

Padres    5  8  0
Dodgers  2  6  1
Ethier-26 game hitting streak

the achillies heel of the Dodgers did them in again tonight. horrendouz relief pitching and awful catching.

before that happened it was a close pitching duel through 8. between Stauffer and Kuroda.

it was scoreless until the 4th inning. the Dodgers had to get out of a tough jam in the top half.  with 1 out Ludwick walks, then  Headly singles off of Miles glove. a ground ball advances the runers to second and third. Kuroda being the tough pitcher that he is battles out of it. striking out Hudson on a called third strike.

in the bottom of the inning, Sands grounds out. Ethier bloop singles to right field, extending his hit streak to 26 games! he now has the second highest hit streak of all time, as he chases down Willie Davis for the record. Ethier also tied a record for most hits in the month of april by a dodger witb 40. (Furcal 08, Piazza 96)

Kemp singles Ethier to second.  Uribe draws a walk, and after a coaching visit, Loney hits a Sac fly to left scoring ethier. 1-0 Dodgers. Big Rod strikes out and we move along.

San Diego ties and takes the lead in the 5th. Maybin Doubles to lead off,  Sands made a valiant effort but no cigar. notorious Dodger killer Brad Hawpe, who has the second highest avg at dodger dtadium behind Roberto Clemente, grounds out advancing Maybin to third. Stauffer hits a shallow fly ball to right, Ethier makes a great catch and another strong throw to the plate, that would have got Maybin, had Big Rod not dropped the ball. Maybin wasnt sure if it was caught or not, and had to go back and tag up. he came in sliding as Big Rod dropped a great throw from ethier.

venable follows with a single, and bartlett walks. after a coaching visit, ludwick singles to right, and ethier comes up gunning again throwing out bartless at third.  dont think Ethier only hits, He also fields and throws as well. Dre does it all. its 2-1 San Diego

Kuroda basically retires everyone through 7 innings.  but he came out losing 2-1. Kuroda went 7 allowing 2 runs 5 hits 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.

Stauffer just has the Dodgers number but he couldnt make it out of the 7th.

after uribe grounds out, loney does what he does and weakly grounds out. with 2 outs, Big Rod doubles, as he chug a lugs into second.  Mitchell pinch runs for him, as SD has a mound visit.  Carroll is hit by a pitch, and Greggerson is brought into pitch to Tony Gwynn, pinch hitting for Kuroda. Gwynn who saved the Dodgers last night with the glove, swoops in again this time coming through with the bat, he singles through the hole in right, scoring mitchell, as he takes second on the throw, slapping his hands together emphatically.
tie game!

Miles however grounds out ending the inning.

in the 8th, with Navarro catching and Guerrier pitching, venable leads off with a single, bartlett singles as well. ludwick, San Diego's third hitter, hilariously sacrifices the runners over. yeah the padres are that bad. but the dodger bullpen is worse. after an intentional walk to headly, the infield moved in. Guerrier did his best Octavio Dotel impression by wild pitching in the go ahead run. and of coarse Navarro looked like a lost little puppy behind the plate.  maybin followed by singling through the hole at short, it scored two more runs, Sands came up throwing, but Navarro couldnt hold on to the ball, ala Big Rod, and its 5-2 Padres.
the carnage ended when Hawpe grounded out.
the Dodger bullpen entered today's game with a 5.14 ERA collectivly. yes there that awful

Jansen and Mike Adams pitch scoreless 8th innings, and Padres closer heath Bell comes in to pitch the 9th.

and despite allowing a single to navarro, converts the save. getting Thames to fly out to end it.

The Dodgers lock in their mediocrity as they finish the month of april at 14-14.

rubber game tomorrow at 110. Moseley vs. Garland. GO BLUE!

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