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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ohfers Galore! Dodgers lose 10-0

Giants     10  13 0
Dodgers   0    9  1

after last nights sweet come from behind victory, I envisioned cavier and champaign, but instead I got stale hot dogs, and koolaid. I was dreaming of a blue christmas, and my parade got rained on. hell it didnt just get rained on, it got hailed on.

the lineup that was released today was really ugly, and the dodgers were shutout, 9 hits and no runs, with kemp getting the only extra base hit a leadoff double in the second, but he was left stranded after Loney and gimenez grounded out, and Paul flied out.

the game looked to be another low scoring game until the wheels fell off in the 5th.

the giants took an early lead in the third. derosa and rowand single. a sacrifice by Cain, and a tejada ground out scored derosa.

Cain pitched very well, going 6 shutout innings allowing just 5 hits with 3 Ks and no walks.

Lilly looked sharp early on though especially in the second inning, when he retired bucktooth on a ground out, and struck out Belt, and dumbass Burrell to end the inning

in the 5th with 2 outs and a runner on base, the giants exploded with a flury of hits, that extended into the next inning, scoring 3 runs in the 5th, and 4 runs off of a nervous Jansen in the 6th.  the barage beagn with a bullshit Balk called against Lilly sending Rowand to second. listening to that shady country bumpkin umpire discuss the reason for calling the balk on lilly really pissed me off. while miced he said, that Lilly when stepping off the rubber on a pick off throw didnt "make a definate stride towards first base" or some bullshit like that.
consecutive singles from tejada sanchez and huff, chased Lilly from the game.

up 4-0 the giants scored 4 more runs in the 6th off jansesn, and then added two more off of Lance Cormier, making his Dodger debut in a mop up role. Freddy Sanchez, hit his first home run of the year.

nothing good came out of this game, and Aj Ellis even was warming up in the bullpen during the 9th inning, then batted in the bottom half and got a hit.

Uribe should be back in the lineup tomorrow along with Furcal. I understand that Big Rod and Furcal will need time off to rest during the year, but do they really need rest after only two games?
also Miles is clearly useless at the plate, although I dont mind him late in the game as a defensive replacement, just please Donnie no more batting him leadoff. also Dejesus is not ready to be in the big leagues yet and Im predicting he gets sent back down once Blake comes back sometime next week.
the jury is still out on Gimenez as well, although he did collect his first major league hit today.

Ive said before the baseball season is like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs, and today was definatly a down, but tomorrow is another day and hopefully an up.

Kuroda makes his debut tomorrow against barry Zito. Zito is fresh off of a car accident, so he might be a little banged up, so the Dodgers should have a bit of an edge tomorrow.
the offense is really starting to concern me, but the regulars should be back in the lineup tomorrow.
the game is again on ESPN at 5PM

dont get too excited giants fans, with a win tomorrow the Dodgers can still take three out of four.

until tomorrow night Dodger fans......LETS GO BLUE!

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