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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bumpen returns to 2010 form blows game away 10-1

braves    10  14  0
Dodgers   1    5  0

would you believe me if I told you this was a very tight 2-1 game until the top of the 9th? well it was, that is until the braves scored 8 runs off 8 hits in the top of the 9th, off a very lousy dodger bullpen. very aggravating.

of coarse we could not hit rookie pitcher Brandond Beachy. I had never even heard of him until tonight. of coarse he pitches 6 shutout innings holding the Dodgers to 2 hits and 7 strikeouts.

Kuroda also pitched well but he ran out of gas in the 7th inning.  he allowed only 2 runs, both homeruns, off 5 hits walking 3 while King 4.

it was scoreless until the 6th inning.  Kuroda was a bit shaky in the first. prado opens up with a single, after Heyward grounds out, and Jones strikes out, McCann walks, but uggla strikes out to end the inning.

in the bottom of the first the Dodgers threatened but of coarse came away with nothing. with 2 outs, Ethier doubles, to extend his hitting streak to 16 games, tying a career high. doubling off the glove off heyward in deep right field. The braves decided to wisely intentionally walk the bison to pitch to uribe. no suprise he grounds out.

move along to the top of the 5th. Kuroda works himself out of a jam he created. he walks Freeman and gonzalez. then Mclouth grounds into a double play, a high bouncer off the mound kareming towards uribe.
beachy grounds out to end the inning.

in the bottom of the 5th, the Sandman instilled more hope by doubling off the wall in left field. however with Kuroda at the plate he commits a typical rookie mistake. on a grounder to short that was hit in front of him, he tries to advance to third and is thrown out. TOOTBLAN.

Prado leads off the 6th inning with a home run giving atlanta a 1-0 lead.

in the top of the 7th, Freeman leads off with a homer 2-0. dodger pitchers are giving up way too many homers.
after gonzalez strikes out, Mcclouth singles. hawksworth comes in to relieve a tired Kuroda. Conrad signles Mcclouth going to third. prado walks to load the bases, and were all having a heart attack. heyward though grounds into a fielders choice, Loney throwing out Mcclouth at home plate for a force out. Chipper Jones pops out for out number three.

in the bottom of the 7th, with Linebrink now onto pitch for atlanta. uribe gets a lucky single off of the pitchers glove. loney amazingly singles, and a rare moment indeed at dodger stadium, Loney and uribe on base at the same time. we might not see that again this year!

Jerry Sands at bat hits a sharp grounder to third. Chipper Jones makes a terrific play to stop several runs from scoring, diving to his right full extension and throwing out Sands at first. it was a bang bang play. Uribe scores and its 2-1.

Ellis then singles Loney advances to third, and the Dodgers are in business. Atlanta then shows us what real relief pitching looks like brining in the tough high sock wearing lefty Jonny Venters. Venters gets Thames to pathetically whiff on three straight pitches. the carroll walks to load the bases. Blake grounds out :(

in the 8th Macdougal comes in, and more general lousyness from the Dodger bullpen. he Dougie walks Mccann and Uggla. after a Honeycutt what the fuck visit to the mound, freeman grounds into a double play, with Uribe and Carroll almost colliding at second base. just what we needed :) Gonzalez grounds out and were out of it.

after the Dodgers went down 123 in the 8th. the up and down Jansen was brought in, and the batting practice ensued. Mcclouth walks, then Hinske pinch hitting homers. its 4-1.  then Prado walks. another honeycutt visit to the mound. after a fly out, conescutive singles from jones and Mccann and a hook for jansen.
the Dodgers officially forfieted the game by bringing in the awful Ramon Troncsucko. I wont even get into the carnage, but when the inning was over it was 10-1 Braves, and the bullpen looking like shades of last year.

why in the world is tronsucko still on this team? he now has an ERA of 20.25. Jansens ERA is 11.25, and Cormier's ERA is 11.75. this is completly unnaceptable. We are all hoping that all three of them will go away very soon. I believe the Isotopes are short handed, im sure they can use three bums that cant get anyone out.

the Dodgers clearly dont have it this year. a poorly constructed roster, absoltuly no offense except from Ethier and Kemp, lousy bullpen, useless bench, and they dont hit homeruns.
looks like we will have lots of free time again in october. very depressing. im off to bed now. hopefully this game will be nothing more than a bad memory by tomorrow.

Lowe vs. Garland tomorrow. 710 PM on prime ticket. goodnight Dodger fans. GO BLUE!

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