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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kuroda, Dodgers look for series win in finale

Dodgers lineup


Barry Zito vs. Hiroki Kuroda

the only two words that can describe yesterdays game is pure crapola! but today is a new day, and the Dodgers are looking to secure a series win with a victory in the opening series finale against the giants.

so lets end the homestand with a win shall we boys?
the Dodgers lineup returns to normal today, with furcal, big rod, and Uribe back in the lineup, with Thames playing in left with the lefty zito on the mound.
Uribe back after missing the last two games, after being hit by a pitch on opening day from that piece of shit lincecum. Uribe stayed in the game, but then had to miss the last two with swelling in his elbow.

im glad the lineup looks alot better tonight, and im hoping to see some offense from the Dodgers. hopefully Donnie has learned his lesson there. like Ive said I think its ok to rest guys once in a while, but it is not ok, to field that kind of lineup, and basically boot a game away.  if Miles has to play every once in a while fine, but can we please for the love of god NOT bat him leadoff?

Kuroda makes his season debut for the Dodgers, against Barry (hollywood) Zito. fresh off of his minor car accident on hollywood blvd. it was unclear whether he would be able to start tonight because he had been banged up from the accident. looks like he is ok enough to start. lucky for the giants, they would have been screwed, as they had no one else to start in his place. from reports it looked like bochy was thinking about possibly pulling a torre and doing a "bullpen game". which is basically using all of your relievers for one inning each. LOL didnt Torre try that once? we know how that turns out.

the Dodgers may have an edge in this game, if zito is not up to full strength. oh and well also be able to check out his nasty looking rollie fingers like mustache. but the giants know all about disgusting facial hair right? just ask blackbeard. I think Blake needs to school these idiots on how to properly groom facial hair.

the game tonight is nationally televised on ESPN at 5PM.  GO BLUE!

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