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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bison, Blake, Dodgers jitterbug past braves in extras!

Braves     3  7 0
Dodgers  5 11 0  /12 innings

wow, all I have to say is wow! this was one hell of a game.  after Kershaw couldnt get the last out in the 9th, the Dodgers come from behind in the 9th to tie, and win it in the 12th on another walk off home run by Kemp!

on throwback day, The Dodgers and Braves wearing there 1940's Unis. there was a 40's feel at the Ravine. as swing music played over the PA, vinny was enjoying the tunes from his era.

so in theme lets get to the highlights 40's style!

it was an early pitching duel between young Jurrjens and Kershaw.

the Dodgers threatened in the first, Gwynn leads off with a single, steals second after blake strikes out, the ethier walks, Kemp strikes out, Uribe walks to load the bases, but of coarse Loney strikes out. shucks!

in the bottom of the 3rd, the Dodgers threatened again, but came away with nothing. Blake line drive singles to right. ethier singles on a liner that was deflected by freeman at first, but bounced away into foul territory. Blake Bebops his way over to third, and ethier has extended his hitting streak to 18 games! tops in the majors! Kemp flies out, and ethier is caught stealing second on what looked like a busted hit and run play. Uribe flies out to end inning. dag nabbit!

kershaw Picks off Alex Gonzalez in the 4th. neat!

in the top of the 5th with 1 out, Freeman homers putting the braves up 1-0. gee whilakers!

move to the bottom of the 6th, Uribe shows us why he is the bees knees, by homering to deep left, for his first as a dodger. tied at 1. (I had a very wierd premonition he would homer)

bottom of the 7th, Dr. Meatball himself is brought in to pitch to kershaw, and gets him to ground out. Jurrjens was very good pitching 6 strong innings allowing 1 run off 7 hits with 2 walks and 6 Ks.

Linebrink comes in to relieve Sherrill. with 2 outs, Casey Blake shows us why hes peachy Keen by homering to left. giving the Dodgers a 2-1 lead!

Kershaw gets the braves to go down 123 in the 8th inning. things are looking very good at this point.

to the top of the 9th we go, with Broxton warming in the Pen, Donnie decides to let Kershaw finish his game. the Dodgers hadnt had back to back complete games since 1998, when Perez and Chan ho Park did it.

Prado flies out, and gonzalez pops out. with 2 outs, it looked certain kershaw would seal the deal. but the braves came back and some Gobbldy gook commenced.
Jones singles. next uggla singles to left, Sands makes the throw to third, and the relay throw to second is just a tad late. next freeman walks to load the bases.
with 2 outs two frickin outs, Mattingly makes a visit to the mound. kershaw assures him he is ok, so Mattingly leaves him in to finish the game. I had mixed feelings about this. Kersh was very tired, but then again the Dodgers bullpen especially Brox has been up and down. I coulld definatly understand this decision, although im sure it will be second guessed. with two strikes on him, former Dodgers David Ross, singles through the hole at shortstop, scoring both heyward and uggla, and the braves take a shocking lead.  those darn creeps!

broxton is brought in and  strikes out Mcclouth for the third out. Kershaw was visibly upset in the dugout. he made 122 pitches. still a terrific outing for Kershaw, Donnie probably should have brought in Broxton, after all that is why you have a bullpen, Kershaw cant do it all.

I thought for sure we were dead in the water, but the Dodgers fought back off of Braves closer Craig Kimbrel. 
Carroll walks to lead off. Miles batting in the 9th spot after a double switch, cant bunt Carroll over, and like the useless piece of shit that he is, fouls out.  Kimbrel wild pitches and Carroll advances to second. Sands who had entered the game earlier, strikes out swinging. we were down to our last out. up comes Blake, who had a great game. with the count 0-2 blake singles through the hole at short, scoring Carroll, as the Dodgers tie it up by the skin of their teeth! (blake gets a reprieve for life after this game!) Carroll lindys in the tying run, and we play on. ethier grounds out as the game heads into extra frames.

Brox pitched the 10th, and Guerrier came in to pitch the 11th and 12th. Kimbrel stayed into to pitch the 10th, and Cristhian Martinez pitched the 11th and 12th for the Braves.

in the 11th the braves threatened with back to back singles from Freeman and Uggla, but Guerrier gets Mcclouth to strike out.

in the bottom of the 11th, Big Rod is hit by a pitch. he is then pinch ran for by Dejesus. Carroll sacrifices Dejesus over to second. Miles hits a low sinking liner to shallow left field. but Matt Young shows us what a fuddy-duddy he is by making a sliding diving catch.

in the bottom of the 12th, with Martinez still pitching, we were getting worried. after all the Dodgers had a plane to catch right after the game, and the deeper the game goes, the deeper into the backend of the bullpen it gets, and the sketchier it gets.

thank goodness Matt Kemp had enough and decided he wanted to get on that plane. after blake grounds out, Ethier doubles to the wall in the right field corner.
with uribe on deck, the braves foolishly decided to pitch to Kemp. its laughable at this point because Kemp really made the braves look stupid. Kemp crushes and I mean crushes a home run to center field, and thats that! the Dodgers win 5-3 in 12 innings. Kemp who had gone 0 for 4 up until that point, Jitterbugged all the way around to greet his teammates at the plate as they celebrated. remember this is coming off of his walk-off on sunday. so kemp hits his second walk-off homerun of the homestand, and the Dodgers will hop on a plane and Zuit suit there way into a frigid chicago.

in other good  news, Troncsucko was optioned back down to AAA to make room on the roster for Vicente Padilla who will join the team in chicago tomorrow.

the Dodgers open up a six game roadtrip with three in wrigly field. tomorrows game time at 1120 AM, bills vs. coleman on PT. see ya tomorrow Dodger fans!

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