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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dodgers look to keep momentum going in game 3

Matt Cain vs. Ted Lilly

Dodgers lineup

So the Dodgers won again last night. thanks to some Davey Lopesesque baserunning by Kemp, a timly hit from Furcal, and solid pitching from the bullpen. The Dodgers look to keep the momentum going as Ted Lilly, takes the mound against Matt Cain. Cain had never beaten the Dodgers until beating them twice last year. remember cain also suffered elbow inflammation earlier in the spring, so the giants will likly keep an eye on him throughout the game.
the giants horrific defense has also helped out. The new coaching staff is already earning there money and then some. The Dodgers with smart plays, aggressive style baserunning, timly hits here and there and solid pitching are looking pretty good, and will go for there third win in a row, against the defending champs.

It looks like the signing of Uribe, and the retirement of renteria, have significantly weakened the giants infield defense, with Sandoval still being a fatso, and blackbeard out with a strained oblique, the Dodgers are smelling blood in the water, and are looking to pounce.
I must say Ive been rather giddy these last couple of nights, with bouts of uncontrollable giggling and smiling. geez I feel like an 18 year old kid again, thats lost his v-card, to some hot stripper with a pair of double D cups! thats what winning will do to you, especially beating our hated rivals the first two games of the season.
Donnie changes the lineup today, with Miles getting the start at third and batting leadoff, while Uribe sits another game with that sore elbow. Dejesus gets the start at second base, hey maybe hell actually make contact today! gimenez gets the start behind the plate batting behind loney, and carroll starts at short, as hit machine takes the day off. and hey the Xman makes his season debut in left field. and after Marcus Thames embarrasment in yesterdays game, I welcome Xavier paul today with open arms!
todays game is on at 1 and televised nationally on Fox. lets go blue!

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