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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

furcal heads to the DL as the Dodgers mull options in Frisco

Dodgers Lineup

Chad Billingsly 1-1 vs. TIm Lincecum 1-1

last nights victory over the hated giants last night was a buit tempered. as the Dodgers found out they will be without their shortstop, Rafael Furcal (Hit Machine) for at least a month. Furcal injured his thumb sliding into thirdbase head fiest last night in the 5th inning. the team found out after the game that he broke his left thumb.
well know more after furcal heads to LA to see a hand specialist.
uhhhhh houston we have a problem.......this leaves the Dodgers weak in the middle infield and at the top of the lineup. the Dodgers recalled Ivan Dejesus again from AAA to replace him on the roster, and Carroll should see the majority of the time at Shortstop.

the Dodgers infield is looking like old aid 2011. they might be in a real pickle if Blake is still not ready after suffering what has been described as a "charlie Horse". if Blake is unable to go, we could see Uribe pushed back over to third, and dejesus starting at second base. im fine with Dejesus being on the bench, but I still dont think hes ready to start every day. but as long as we do everything we can to avoid having to see the useless Juan Castro called up, then im fine with that.
as much as I like Furcal, who is a terrific shortstop, and a good hitter when healthy, the Dodger are going to have to face then inevitable. they need younger healthier infielders.

in other Dodgers injury news, Jon Garland is all set to make his debut at home on friday against the cardinals.

Jay Gibbons is still having problems with his vision from his new contact lens. apparently according to reports he is having problems with "contacts in the wind".  oh boy there. that doesnt sound good. really now? contacts in the wind? obviously we cant count on Gibbons to be major league ready anytime soon. Im fine with continuing to play gwynn in left.

looks like Donnie still hasnt learned that Miles is useless, and looks like Blake is still banged up. at least hes not hitting Miles at the top of the order batting him 8th, and Carroll bats second. damm I think Miles should bat 9th below the pitchers spot.

Chad Billingsly, goes up against tim lincecum, as Bills looks to rebound from a poor start in colorado. bills has always pitched well against the giants, going 7-3 2.79 ERA lifetime against San Francisco, however Lincecum has never lost at home to the Dodgers going 3-0 with a 2.43 ERA
go blue!

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