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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dodgers-cubs rubber game on getaway day

Dodgers lineup


Hiroki Kuroda 2-2 vs. Carlos Zambrano 2-0

The Dodgers look to take the rubber game of a three games series at wrigly field. this will be the Dodgers last and final game of the season in chicago. immediatly after the game the Dodgers will travel to Miami, for a three game series with the MArlins, before returning home.

Donnie is kind of annoying me here. why is Aaron Miles batting leadoff again? didnt Donnie get the memo that Miles sucks balls? of coarse Uribe is stillout of the lineup. apparently he has a tight thigh muscle. it was originally reported that he would only miss one game, and be back in the lineup today. but this is how all dodger injuires are reported. first its reported that the player is day-today. he will only miss one game, of coarse. he will right?.....then he misses 5 games, after that they release a report saying he will be back in the next days game, and by that day, he is put on the disbaled list. dont be suprised if Uribe is DLd.

however despite the disparaging remarks I made about the Dodger bullpen yesterday, I still have hope they can come through today. Donnie has to start properly using his pitchers though. most of these guys just are not 2 inning guys, there all one and done guys. and with Kuo still hurt, right now there is no set defined roles. Padilla and Jansen should handle set-up duties, and Guerrier and Hawksworth should be one inning a piece for middle relief. Macdougal (dougie) can be long man for the time being. and as far as Lance Cormier goes, once Kuo is back he is gone, and hopefully will go far far far far far away from all of us :)

the dodgers enter today's game with the most dangerous duo in baseball. ethier trying to extend his MLB best 20 game hitting streak is batting .462 in his career off of Zambrano, with Kemp going 3 for 6 against big Z. tony Gwynn has also hit him well (5 for 12) but is not in the lineup today. lets hopethe dodgers can put the freeze on the cubs and get the heck out of their with a W.
game time at 1020AM on PT. Pull up a chair everybody and have a great sunday! GO BLUE!

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