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Thursday, April 21, 2011

turn back the clock day-Dodgers look to clean Braves Clock

Dodgers lineup

Jair Jurrjens-1-0 vs. Clayton Kershaw 2-2

The Dodgers will be wearing their throwback Uniforms during turn back the clock, and getaway day for the Dodgers. Youngster Jair Jurrjens, fresh off of a win against the mets, will take the mound for Atlanta, the Dodgers will counter with Clayton Kershaw, who has always pitched well against the Braves. Kershaw has held atlanta to a .146 average over 13.2 innings. so lets hope this trend continues.
the Dodgers need a win to not only win 3 out of 4 from atlanta, but to split the 8 game homestand, before heading out to chicago and florida. so lets end the homestand on a good not, shall we boys?

last night was a very good game, and lets take a moment to talk about Andre Ethier who is off to another fanstastic start. ethier with a career high and MLB best 17 game hitting streak this year, looks to extend it against Atlanta. Ethier also hit his 100th career homerun last night, and was 3 for 4 missing the cycle by only a triple.
we should also recognize and give props to Jon Garland, who pitched a magnificent game. Garland went all the way pitching a complete game 4 hitter. the notorious innings eater in his second stint with the Dodgers missed significant time during spring training, plus his first scheduled start because of a strianed oblique muscle. he looked back in form last night, way to go Jon!

of coarse the huge news is the one still playing out, MLB and the Commissioners office has taken over day to day operations of the Dodgers and has taken Frank Mccourt out of office. this is not as big of a deal as some people are making it. as reported yesterday, Frank Mccourt had taken out a personal loan from FOX, asking the cable giant to loan him 30 million dollars to meet payroll, plus another 200 million in an advance. depsite Selig's protests, Mccourt did it anyways, pissing off Selig something awful.
Selig will be appointing a rep to oversee the Dodgers and the announcement should come within the next few days. the appointee will act as Chairman, until the Dodgers are most likly put back up for sale. the appointee will have final say over all trades, signings, roster moves, and day to day operations. this is not a big deal, and a happy day for Dodger fans. most of us have all hated the Mccourts for some time, and this is the first step in removing this scumbag from power. most likly MLB will run the team through the season, and then will put the team up for sale, and hopefully we will have a new better owner come next year. we will keep you informed on this as more news breaks.
there is a game today thought, let me know how much you like or dislike the retro brooklyn 1940's unis. this is also the anniversary of the Dodgers first win back in 1890. game time is in a couple of hours 1210PM.

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