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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kemp offense power Dodgers to series win

Giants    5  9 0
Dodgers 7  9 0

for once it was the Offense that led the Dodgers to victory today, led by a monster two run homerun by Matt Kemp, and horrendouz San Francisco Defense. despite some general shakiness from the bullpen, the Dodgers held on to win 7-5 and take 3 out of four from the defending world champions

Kuroda and Zito were both sharp early, Kuroda making his season debut, and Zito fresh off his car accident on hollywood blvd.

the Dodgers struck first off of a shaky Zito in the first inning. Furcal led off with a single. Carroll followed with a line drive single to right, which huff misplayed and allowed to roll all the way to the wall, ruled an RBI triple for Carroll scores hit machine, the Dodgers take an early 1-0 lead. after ethier struck out,
Kemp deciding that he was sick of hearing about the Dodgers lack of offense, took matters into his own hands. blasting a monster two run homerun into the dodgers bullpen, giving the boys in blue a 3-0 lead!

the giants scored in the second. Kuroda hung a breaking ball to sandoval and he hit it out. cutting the lead to 3-1.
Kuroda made sure not to make the same mistake again next time he faced sandoval. striking out that lard ass in the 4th.

with the Dodgers up 3-1, both pitchers cruised through the middle innings. Zito settled down. Kuroda was also sharp as well, retiring 14 giant hitters in a row, but allowed the giants to get back into the game, due to a defensive mishap, from Uribe, and a burst of hits from the giants.

in the 6th with the Dodgers still up 3-1, Kuroda was cruising. with 2 outs and the bases empty, Sanchez hit a slow roller to third, Uribe charged in to make the play, but slipped and fell down, allowing sanchez to reach base.
consecutive hits from huff and posey, cut the lead to one. Kuroda was able to get out of the inning by getting sandoval to ground out.

move to the top of the 7th. Kuroda still in the game, allows a home run to Burrell which ties up the game.
Kuroda clearly annoyed at dumbass Burrell's homer, allows a double to tejada. however he is able to work out of it retiring Fontenot and Torres respectivly.

with the game tied in the 7th, the Dodgers offense finally delivered, helped again by our good friend Aubry Huff in right field. (thanks Aubry!)

Runzler comes in from the pen to replace Zito.
Zito goes 6 innings, allows 3 runs, 3 hits walks two and strikes out 5.
Kuroda left after 7, pitchign well, allowing 3 runs off 6 hits, walking none, with 5Ks.

fast forward to the bottom of the 7th.........
Loney leads off with a single. then with Big Rod at bat, Donnie decides to have him bunt. this was a bad idea, since I think Big Rod has maybe layed down a bunt once like back in 1992. big rod couldnt get the bunt down and struck out.
before Loneys hit the Dodgers hadnt had a hit since the 1st inning, finally the Dodgers exploded scoring four runs and taking the commanding lead.
thames, hits a long fly ball to the warning track in right field. Huff playing out of position (hes normally a first baseman for a reason), was able to almost get to it, reached up with his glove, but couldnt make the play. he fell over as the ball careemed off his glove. Loney easily scores, and thames is into third with an RBI triple.
followed was an onslought of Dodger hits. it was really fun to watch the fireworks.
Miles pinch hitting singles in pinch runner gwynn, giving the Dodgers a 5-3 lead. hit machine the doubles to right, scoring miles. 6-3 Dodgers :). oh and by the way huff misplayed that one as well.
the giants make a pitching change and bring in romo. after Carroll strikes out for out #2. ethier then singles to right scoring hit machine and the Dodgers lead 7-3!

in the 8th Kuo replaces Kuroda on the mound, and wouldnt you know it, Our poster boy for bad luck, no run support outings, is in line for the win!

Kuo was a bit shaky. after sanchez flies out,  huff reaches on a pop fly double. bucktooth walks, and there is runners at first and second 1 out. however in a display of pure awsomeness, Kuo strikes out sandoval.
Donnie takes out Kuo, and calls in Newly acquired Matt Guerrier. Guerrier a bit shaky as wellm allows a run but is able to get out of it and limits the damage. after walking burrell and belt to walk in a run, he is able to get tejada to foul out to right field.

in the 9th with the Dodgers up by 3, Broxton comes in to close shop.

Broxton was a bit shaky with his command, and after going 1-2 to Rowand, he hangs a slider, and Rowand hits it out, cutting the lead to 7-5.
with my blood pressure rising,  a meltdown seemed imminent, however this is a new year, a new broxton, and a new ballclub. if this were last years pen, there would have surely been another 9th inning meltdown. but not this year.

after rowands homer, torres grounds out. but sanchez singles, and we start to hear some boo birds for brox coming from the stands. however brox settled down and gets huff and posey to ground out ending the game. the Dodgers win 7-5, and take 3 out of 4 in the opening series from the hated giants.

what an amzing weekend of baseball! before I sign off however I would like to talk about Matt Kemp for a minute. he is clearly a different player this year, thanks to improved focus, and a supportive positive new caoching staff. Donnie, Lopes, wallach, hansen and the rest have all done a terrific job and should be commended for their contributions thus far.

Kemp through the first four games is hitting .417, in 12 at bats. with 1 home run 3 RBIs, and a much improved aggresive style of baserunning,  learned from the master Davey Lopes.
in game 1 Kemp walked three times, stole a base, and scored both dodger runs. In game two, Kemp walked went from first to third on a groundball! doubled in a run, made a diving catch in the 8th, saturday gets another hit(a double), and today, goes 2 for 4 with a monster two run homerun.

the rest of the guys need to take note. kemp is stepping up.

the Dodgers will board a plane and fly to colorado for the first road trip of the season. Monday is off, and tuesdays game is at 540 PM on kcal.

who would have thought the Dodgers would take 3 out of 4 from the giants in the opening series? I LOVE IT! I extend my middle finger to the giants and I say.......FUCK YOU SAN FRANCISCO!  how sweet it is. have a great monday everyone and see you on tuesday.

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