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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pathetic Bumpen gives away game to cubs

Dodgers   8  11 2
Cubs      10  16 1

looks like the bullpen meltdowns are back, as the Dodger bumpen blew a three run lead in the 8th inning  allowing the cubs to score 5 runs, as the Dodgers lost 10-8

Lilly looked like shit today and pitched like it too. lasting only 4.1 innings allowing 11 hits on 5 runs.
Cubs starter Ryan Dempster didnt fare any better either, getting knocked out in the 6th,  allowing 7 runs off of 9 hits walking three. both pitchers were not allowed in the decision.

the Dodgers normally play very good defense, made several crappy plays, and mixed with the terrible relief pitching give away another game.

the bullshit started in the first inning. Castro singles, and tries to leg out a single into a double, but Sands makes a great throw at second to nail Castro. that play would be very important. Barney doubles on a fly ball over Kemp's head.  Byrd singles barney to third. Ramirez drives him home with a sacrifice fly. Baker flies out to end inning.

in the top of the third, the Dodgers tie it. Blake walks, and advances to second on ethier's groudout. Kemp singles blake home. tie game.

in the bottom of the third, Lilly continued to lob over meatballs. with 1 out, castro doubles, when sands drops a fly ball lost in the sun. lilly wild pitches castro to third. byrd then singles scoring castro 2-1 cubs.

then with aramis ramirez batting, the cubs pull a double steal, after all big rod couldnt throw out a runner if his life depends on it. thankfully ramirez strikes out and baker pops out.

move to the 4th. soto leads off with a single, then soriano strikes out. then former dodger reed johnson doubles, scoring soto, somehow the relay throw gets away and was just rolling around, while johnson just kept running all the way to third.  dempster grounds out. then castro singles johnson scores. 4-1
with barney hitting, castro was picked off of first, but the dodgers fuck this up. Loney gets in the way of the base line, and barney has to slide around loney to get back. the umps rule interference, or obstruction on loney and send barney to second.  another run scores on a single from barney its now 5-1.
byrd grounds out to end the inning.

the Dodgers come back in the 5th inning, and it seems there offense is finally starting to wake up. too bad we have a collection of pathetic losers in the bullpen who cant hold leads.

Miles singles, then blake goes boom, for his second homer! its 5-3. after ethier grounds out, bison homers to center, its now 5-4.

Donnie tried to get Lilly through the 5th, but we knew that wasnt gonna happen. after a fly out, baker singles. donnie brings in Macdougal to relieve lilly. thanks ted for another lousy fucking start you pathetic bum.

Dougie proceeds to give us a heart attack and load the bases, but at least he got out of it. more than I can say for the rest of the bullpen losers. soto walks. soriano strikes out. dougie was throwing the heat, but of coarse had trouble throwing strikes. reed johnson walks.
next came one of the worst managerial decisions ive ever seen from cubs manager Mike Quade. with dempster coming up, he allowd him to bat against dougie. on a 3-2 pitch dougie gets him swingin! phew.

in the 6th, the Dodgers explode and score three runs and take the lead.
Big Rod leads off with a windy homerun to center. tie game! after carroll flies out, Gwynn batting for Macdougal triples, as the ball goes to the wall. after miles gorunds out, blake walks, and up comes ethier.
with his hitting streak on the line, ethier makes all the people who say he cant hit lefties look follish as he doubles off of Marshall. driving in both runs, extending his hitting streak to a MLB best 20 games, and the dodgers take the lead 7-5!
Ethier has now tied the longest hitting streak to start a season, and needs just two more games, to tie the longest hit streak in april for a dodger, which is 22 by garciaparra back in 2006.
yes it appeared today was going to be a good DRE.

but then we all remembered the dodger bullpen existed.

lets leave out vicente padilla though, he made his season debut, and pitched a scoreless inning in the 6th. but I guess donnie didnt want to overwork him, and decided to turn the game over to the rest of the losers.

the Dodgers picked up another run, but should have picked up alot more, as a mealy three run lead is nothing for the dodger bumpen. they blow three run leads faster than you can say 'whistling dixie'.
sands singles, steals second, and comes around to score on a Carroll fielders choice

Guerrier pitched a 123 7th inning. but then blew up, in a god awful 8th inning. I couldnt believe this, after a 123 inning in the 7th, Guerrier takes a crap all over himself, and hawksworth couldnt clean it up.

let the hit parade begin! soriano singles, reed johnson reaches base on a bunt single that blake couldnt field.  fukudome walks to load the bases. there are no outs. after a useless honeycutt coaching visit, castro singles to drive in two its now 8-7. barney grounds into a force out, another run scores its tied.
byrd strikes out. two outs. but ramirez singles barney goes to third. hawksworth in to replace Guerrier.  jeff Baker doubles in two more its 10-8.

I dont think I need to explain the rest. Marmol pitches the 9th, blah blah blah dodgers lose, of coarse.

just when the offense finally starts to come around, the bullpen completly meltsdown again. im very aggravated and done for today. I dont know what the dodgers are going to do. the bullpen has allowed like 800 runs this week going back to the st. louis series. Kuo is hurt, broxton is in decline, and the entire bullpen is right handed. not sure what the Dodgers are going to do, but they better have a backup plan.

Kuroda vs Zambrano tomorrow afternoon. if kuroda goes 9 we have a chance. GO BLUE

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