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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bills loses cool, and Dodgers lose the game 5-4

Dodgers  4  8 0
Giants     5  9 1

Leave it to the Giants to do something shady to win a game, and thats exactly what happened.
it was a pitching duel early on, scoreless between Bills and Lincecum until the 4th inning. both pitchers made way too many pitches and by the 6th were gone and both werent involved in the decision.

with 1 out in the 4th, Carrol singles, followed by an ethier single sending carroll to third. Kemp continued his assault on national league pitching by doubling down the right field line, scoring carroll and sending ethier to third. Loney then reaches on a fielding error by belt, who bumbled the ball, allowing ethier to score and kemp goes to third.  next Uribe doubles to deep right field easily scoring kemp and the Dodgers lead 3-0.
Big Rod reached on a fielder's choice as loney was thrown out at the plate, then the useless Miles grounds out.

in the bottom of the 4th, the giants rallied bakc and this is where Bills gets flustered. After a strikeout to Rowand, Sanchez doubles. Huff flies out. then bastard bucktooth Posey singles in sanchez. then fatso Sandoval doubles to score posey, and now Bills is clearly pissed and loses control of the game.
Burrell walks, but bills gets out of it by retiring tejada.

in the bottom of the 5th, the giants score again. Belt leads off with a single. Lincecum sacrifices belt to second. then the crouchy rowand singles home belt to tie the game at 3-3
after Sanchez is called out on strikes. Huff walks. Bucktooth singles and the giants lead 4-3
Sandoval strikes out to end the inning.

Bills was lifted for a pinch hitter after 5 innings allowing 4 runs off 7 hits, 2 walks and 6 Ks

Lincecum lasted 5.1 innings allowing 3 runs off 6 hits, 1 walk and 4 Ks

in the top of the 6th, after ethier grounded out as the ball deflected off of lincecum and he recovered to barly beat out ethier on a bang bang play, Kemp singles. Loney then shockingly singles sending Kemp to third. with runners at first and third, the Dodgers had something going. with uribe at bat that pice of shit Lincecum hits Uribe on the elbow again. the same spot he hit him on opening day. of coarse no warnings were issued, and Uribe was ok. with the bases loaded former Dodger Guillermo Mota relieves Lincecum, and with Big Rod and the waste of roster space Miles due up, well do I even have to tell you what happened next? Big Rod strikes out, and Miles pops out. not suprising.

Jansen, pitches a scoreless 6th for the Dodgers.
in the 7th with Affeldt on the mound, Marcus Thames shocked the world by hitting a huge home run to left field which tied the game at 4-4. after gwynn flies out and carroll grounds out, Ethier doubles. the giants wisely intentionally walk Kemp to get to Loney. Loney is no lineup protection for anybody. he sadly grounds out.

in the 7th the usually reliable Hawksworth had a bad inning. Rowand leads off with a triple to right field. Ethier had a bit of trouble with the ball as it took a wild bounce off the wall allowing rowand into third. then Hawksworth does his best Octavio Dotel impression and wild pitches in the game winning run. and that was pretty much it.

Romo pitches a 123 8th inning. then the sickening Brian Wilson (blackbeard) comes in to pitch a 123 9th inning for his first save of the season.

the Dodgers have got to stop playing Aaron Miles. he is a complete waste of a roster spot. we need to get Blake back, and uribe and Loney have to start hitting. I say bring up Jerry Sands stick him at first base and bench Loney. I like Loney but he is just not hitting at all, and Sands is really slugging the crap out of the ball in AAA.

ok im done for tonight. a very frustrating game.
tomorrow the Dodgers look for the series win, and a split of the roadtrip in the rubber game. Lilly vs. Sanchez at 715. well see you tomorrow. Go Blue!


  1. Bills was his usual Jeckyl and Hyde self. I could see that crappy 4th inning coming from a mile away.

    Kemp still killing, but he needs a real bat behind him. He's gonna see many more intentional walks.

  2. yeah it seems like one bad inning and he loses his cool. he gets flustered.
    Kemp has been amazing. I agree he has absolutly no lineup protection. Loney is awful, and the bottom of the lineup is a black hole.