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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dodgers lose crapfest to cardinals 9-5

Cardinals   9  16  0
Dodgers    5  11  2

this game was nothing short of craptastic. the pitching was terrible, the offense the usual, and the defense poor. im going to keep this postgame short since theres not much to talk about tonight.

Kuroda had a bad game and was out after only 5 innings. allowing 5 earned runs over 10 hits with 3 wild pitches. he was definatly not himself.
Garcia wasnt great either but the cards took advantage of all the meatballs Cormier lobed to the plate until the game was out of reach. (more on him later) garcia lasted 5 innings allowing 3 runs 2 earned with 2 walks and 2 Ks.

in the first inning the Dodgers got on the board first. Carroll led off with a single. followed by a single by ethier (yes off a lefty!) Kemp continued his assault on the national league and singled to score carroll.  after a walk to uribe, loney flies out and hoffman lines out to third.

in the second inning the cardinals score two. Holliday doubles, and berkman singles him to third.  after a schumaker fly ball, Kuroda wild pitches the runners advance. molina singles scoring holiday. then the rookie Descalso's fly ball scores another run. garcia grounds out to end the inning.

in the third inning with 1 out, Rasmus triples into the gap. after a pujols ground out, there is some kinf of wierd delay from the second base umpire, which might have screwed up kuroda's timing. Holiday singles past carroll at short scoring rasmus giving the red birds a 3-1 lead. berkman grounds out to end the inning.

in the bottom of the third, Kemp singles and steals second. (8th steal of the season for kemp!) Uribe breaks out of his slump a bit and doubles in Kemp. 3-2. Loney grounds out sending uribe to third. Hoffman reaches on a fielders choice, when for some god damm reason uribe tried to score from third and was thrown out by a mile. ellis grounds out to end the threat.

in the fourth inning after getting the first two outs, Kuroda was victimized by two bad plays by blake at third. and we all learned why we call him Rusty anchor. Descalso singles when blake cant come up with the grounder. next hitter the pitcher garcia grounds one to third and blake Boots this one. uggggh. our old friend senior tootblan theriot,  singles into right, scoring descalso, but Garcia is thrown out by ethier trying to advance to third. 4-2

move along to the bottom of the frame, with 1 out carroll singles again, and steals second! blakes fly ball moves carroll over to third, he then scores on a passed ball by molina cutting he lead back to one 4-3

in the top of the 5th Pujols homers to left. after holliday flies out. berkman and schumaker single, and then another wild pitch scores another run. 6-3. Kuroda leaves after 5 innings and is relieved by Macdougal who pitches a scoreless 6th inning.
Mitchell Boggs came into relieve Jamie Garcia and pitched two scoreless innings.

then in the 7th, Donnie decided it was time to forfeit the game by bringing in Lance cormier. I wont even get into the carnage, but again its cormier so we all knew what to expect. Cormier allowed three runs, including committing a throwing error into center field on a perfect double play ball hit by Pujols. by the time the smoke cleared it was 9-3. when im wrong about something I always admit it. and wow was I wrong about this guy. I had said earlier in the spring that giving cormier a shot may not be so bad, I figured how much damage could he do in the few weeks until padilla returned? maaaaaan what a facepalm! watching Cormier lob up meatball after meatball was stomach churning. Im assuming (and hoping) that he should be DFAd very soon.

Broxton came in and pitched a scoreless ninth inning to get some work in and looked good.
Kemp hit a monster home run in the 9th to make it 9-5. but that was it. Ryan franklin recorded the last out.

thats all she wrote folks nothing more to see here. just a big old pile of crap. this is what the fourth straight loss ive covered? come on boys in blue throw me a frickin bone here?

tomorrow garland makes his debut tomorrow against Loshe. game time 710 on prime ticket. and with that we are out. good night Dodger fans....GO BLUE!

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