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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ethier looks to keep streaking in miami

Dodgers Lineup

Clayton Kershaw 2-2 vs. Chris Volstad 1-1

IM trying to find something positive to say about the Dodgers today, but its hard too especially after last nights depressing meltdown, that looked like a sequal to last season. jonathon Doughboy Broxton, blew another game, with help from some pretty lousy dodger defense.

Im aware that last night's game is nothing significant for broxton. yes he is the same as hes been all year. HE SUCKS. however it was a personal breaking point for us here at DBF. we have always defended broxton, but we just cant take anymore of these meltdowns anymore. so we are done with him. finished. hes cooked. Ill get more into this during the post game recap, but there really isnt any reason not to rip up his contract and give him his outright release. otherwise I guess he can stay, and we can use him as just another mediocre overweight middle reliever,  who gets the job done maybe 25% of the time. sherrill anyone? uggggh. Ned announced today that Broxton is not the closer anymore, and the dodgers will use a closer by commitee until Broxton has "regained his confidence" or loses 25 pounds. dont count on either happening anytime soon. hey I kid Im sure Broxton is a nice guy, however he sucks right now and we do not want to see him in another 9th inning, although he sucks no matter when you bring him in. Loney needs to go as well. hes not going to "come around" as donnie seems to think. its time to release both of them.

more crappy news as you can see from the lineup above, its basically the same as yesterday, which means that nearly the entire dodger infield is now hurt. apparently Blake's having groin and elbow issues, and is still not playing. Uribe is still out with that sore thigh muscle. I fully expect both to land on the DL in the next day or two, even though the team is reporting them as day to day. they also keep reporting that their both just a day away from returning. yeah right. its been a week now.

so the bullpen is in shambles, the entire infield is hurt, our infield is full of bench players, Loney is hitting like .160, and were back to .500 now. unbelievable.

on a bright note, Andre Ethier looks to extend his hitting streak to 23 games, if he does it will be the longest hitting streak in april in major league history. heres hoping that today is a good DRE :)

Kershaw on the mound for the Dodgers up against Chris Volstad for the fish. Kershaw has always pitched well agianst florida 1-0 2.08 15Ks. also Kemp is hitting .357 off Volstad, with a homer, so look for him to mash tonight. lets try and forget about last night and get a win tonight. lets go blue!

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