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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dodgers flounder in miami again

Dodgers  2  8   1
Marlins    4  6  0
Ethier-23 game hitting streak

the Dodgers drop another game in Miami to the Marlins. this time the bullpen was not the culprit, just the typical suckyness.

other than the reality of Jonathon Broxton's awfulness, the main story was Andre Ethier, looking to break the record for the longest april hitting streak in MLB history. you know I had a really awsome catchy title in my head, but noooooo of coarse the Dodgers lose so I cant use it.

Miles leads off with a single. A passed ball from catcher Buck advances Miles to second.  Carroll's ground ball sends miles to third. and up comes Mr. Hit Streak. Ethier wastes no time roping a double to right field, scoring Miles. 1-0 Dodgers :) Ethier now holds the record for the longest hitting streak in april ever! Kemp and Sands both strikeout and the inning is over.

in the bottom of Second, Gabby Sanchez homers to center. tying up the game.

the game remains tied until the top of the 4th. after a Kemp flyout, Sandman slams a ball to deep left field, that loked certain it would go out, but of coarse it hits off the top of the wall, off the clock of the cafe sign. (go away stupid clock cafe  wall advertisment). next Loney, yes James Loney! singlesSands, to third. Sands would score on a Big Rod sac fly.  Dodgers take the lead 2-1.

what in the world got into Loney today? he went 4 for 4 with a stolen base! was his eyes open or closed during todays at bats?

the fish tie it in the bottom half. after infante sitrkes out, Hanley Ramirez singles. next play Ramirez does a very good Matt Kemp inpersonation. Sanchez hits a routine grounder to third, ramirez was running on the play. Miles takes his sweet ass time recording the out at first, and ramirez just kept going, ala matt Kemp. he was safe at third, as Loney throws the ball in the dirt and Miles is unable to pick it as the ball rolls into foul territory. ramirez scores.

in the 5th innings, Kershaw makes an acrobatic play to throw out Bonifacio on a little dribbler off the mound. Kershaw makes a diving stop, and throws from his stomach. Loney made a very nice pick as he was falling to the ground while keeping his foot on the bag. OUT

that seemed to take some of the wind out of Kershaw's sails. remember he made 120 pitches the last start, and he began to labor.

in the bottom of the 6th, Coghlan leads off with a single. after infante flies out, ramirez singles coghlan to third.
kershaw walks sanchez and the bases are loaded. Mike Stanton hits a line drive single scoring two, giving the fish a two run lead 4-2.
after a coaching visit, kershaw walks Buck. this ends his day, as Donnie brings in Dougie. Dougie does his job by inducing pinch hitter Dobbs to ground into a double play.
from now on when a relief pitcher does his job, we at DBF will give him props. Dougie gets mad DBF props for that one.

Kershaw goes 5.1 innings allowing 4 runs on 6 hits 2 walks and 5 SO.
Volstad fared better going 7 allowing 2 runs off 7 hits with 1 walk and 5 SO

the Dodgers go down 123 in the 7th inning.
in the bottom of the 7th, Janses comes into pitch and blows the fish away one by one. setting down the fish 123.

move to the 8th, Randy Choate is brought into pitch to ethier and strikes him out. Hensley is then brought in to finish the inning and retires kemp and sands.

Jansen strikes out the side in the bottom of the 8th. raising the question as to why the hell hes not being used as a closer? we just waste him in games were behind.

Florida closer Leo Nunez comes in for the 9th.  Loney singles again. having his best game of the year.  raising his avg to a blistering .204!
big rod predictably trying to swing for the fences strikes out. next dejesus strikes out. with two outs the dodgers last hope is a pinch hitting appearance from Uribe. no such luck, Uribe grounds into a broken bat force out to end the game.

I was going to talk more about Broxton, but ive changed my mind, I dont want to waste my breath. we all know by now that he is cooked. however I want to say thank you to Broxton, for all the memories and good games. lets all light a candle, for the official end of Broxton's career as a dodger. good luck Broxton.

in other news Kuo is due back on friday most likly, and Uribe maybe getting closer to playing. the Dodgers fall under .500 again at 12-13. you know if we can get the bullpen straightened out, and the infield healthy, we have the makings of a competitive team. I actually believe the infield being hurt is whats really hurting the team, more than the lousy relief pitching. Dejesus and miles seriously weaken the infield defense. Donnie has his hands full. one more piece of news before we sign off for the day, Xavier Paul was claimed off of waivers by the pirates today. too bad. goodbye Xman, were sorry to see you go.

early morning baseball tomorrow at 9AM, as the Dodgers look to salvage another bad road trip. Bills vs. Sanchez in the Dodgers final game at Sun life Stadium. hope to see you then! GO BLUE!

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