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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blake returns from the DL as Dodgers eye series split


Chad Billingsly vs. Jason Hamel

The Dodgers enter getaway day, looking to avoid the sweep of a short two game series. Normally the Dodgers always play pretty well in colorado, and usually hit very well in colorado. however you know your in trouble when you put up ohfers in coors field! gahhhhhh
the ohfer parade of yesterday, didnt suprise me, considering the Dodgers cant ever hit Chacine for whatever reason.
the Dodgers look to grab a win before flying back to Socal, in which they will begin a three game series in San Diego.
Casey Blake makes his return to the lineup today, after being activated from the DL yesterday. the Dodgers finally optioned Dejesus back to AAA. (thank god) Blake had suffered an inflammed back/ribs area while trying to beat out a bunt during spring training, and he has been on the DL ever since. the question is how rusty will blake be? will Blake return to the normal rustyness that were acustom to seeing? I dont think I need to explain if you remember last year? ya know, the flat swing like a board,  the rusty defense. or will we see the 09 blake, the productive blake? we shall see. although I dont agree with hitting Blake second because of his extremly rusty OBP.
nad looks like gwynn gets the day off, and Xman gets a start in left field. I like gwynn and after watching him in yestrdays game, I think he deserves to be the starting left fielder. dude is one heck of an outfielder, and runs the bases extremly well. but im fine with Paul, no way the Dodgers would want to start Thames in that huge outfield.....(cringes at thought of Marcus Thames trying to run down fly balls in that huge outfield)

at least Donnie has learned from his mistake from saturday, and hes not resting any of his regulars. becuase there is just no way, the Dodgers can be competitive with an ohferlicious lineup that he put out last saturday.
Bills looks for his second win of the season, against Jason Hamel, who is making his season debut for the rockies.
oh and Chris Ianneta has as many homeruns as the entire Dodger team thus far.......sigh. lets get a win today shall we boys? lets see some offense today!!! the game is on at 1210PM today. wow, its only about an hour away.  early games are cool!  lets go blue!!!

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