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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tony Gwynn Jr. has a halo round his head-Dodgers-Padres game-2

Dodgers lineup-

Tim Stauffer-0-1 vs. Hiroki Kuroda -3-2

makes me hungry for a klondike bar!

after last nights near scare, thank god the Dodgers had an angel watching out for us in left field. Tony Gwynn's flying catch in left saved the Dodgers bacon, (FYI Broxton eats most of the bacon) and prevented another blown game again from our resident meatballer former all-star closer Jonathon Broxton. once mighty he is now nothing more than a running joke, as he once again gave up three straight hits after retiring the first two batters. thankfully Donnie had put gwynn out there for defensive reasons, and now you know why. it seems like Gwynn preforms better than normal when playing against his former team.

the lineup looks a bit iffy tonight, with Miles leading off playing second, and carroll back down in the 8 spot at short. Loney is back at first base, and Uribe at third.

Andre Ethier looks to break into sole possesion for second place for longest hit streak in Dodgers history. he is up to 25 games now. the only other dodgers with as long or longer hit streaks are, Steve Sax with 25 in 86, Paul Loduca with 25 in 2003, and Willie Davis with a 25 gamer back in 71. and the only loner streak is Willie's 31 gamer accomplished in 1969.

TIm Stauffer makes the start for the padres, he is 0-1 on the season. but has always pitched very well against the Dodgers (3-0 1.48). the Dodgers will counter with Kiroki Kuroda while coming off a good start in chicago has been so so against sd (5-4 4.61)

the Dodgers when scoring first have a record of 11-4, they have outscored their opponents 18-6 in the first inning this year.

finally around the horn, this week in baseball featured an interesting piece, on the First place Cleveland Indians, as they followed around their closer Chris Perez. Perez's star continues to shine, as we watch him prepare for a ballgame, by grabbing some lunch at a pizza place in Kansas City. Perez a quiet down to earth guy, with long dark hair and beard, ala a young Paul Shuey, commented on how he just never knows when he might enter a game, but relishes his role as closer. Perez has a 1.19 ERA since the all-star break last year, and has saved 91% of his team's wins since. aahhhhh yes, thats what a real closer looks like, I think I had almost forgotten. food for thought.

lets keep things rolling tonight. GO BLUE!

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