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Sunday, April 10, 2011

return of Elymania! Dodgers go for sweep!

Dodgers Lineup

John Ely vs.  A.Harang

todays game at 105 at petco will see the exciting return of elymania, gripping the entire nation last year!....NOT!  ok ok it does see the return of John Ely. since the Dodgers are forcing Jon Garland into a rehab assignment, he insisted he is ready to start. Ely will get a rare start today and then sent back down immediatly after the game.
several Dodgers are banged up. Blake is out of the lineup after getting ran into by Headly to end the game last night on that wierd interferance call. I dont think he is serious but banged up and taking the day off during a day game before a night game tomorrow. (how many times can we hear that game before a night game....) Furcal is still ailing from a sore wrist injured on a check swing. so the useless miles gets another start at second base,(I still dont get why he has to bat at the top of the lineup when he clearly sucks) Uribe moves back to third for tonight, and Carroll starts at short.
in order to make room temporarily on the roster for Ely, Hector Gimenez was placed on the 15 day DL with whats described as "sore right knee". funny I dont remember hearing anything about him javing an injury. im thinking this is mostly roster manipulation. Donnie must have learned that from torre. (one of the only things torre knew how to do well) this way, ely can be recalled for the one start, and the Dodgers dont have to send down anyone useful like Ellis. besides im guessing Gimenez will eventually be DFAd anyways considering he sucks.

also note today is Andre Ethier's birthday. he turns 29 today. so lets get the birthday boy a win, shall we boys?.....GO BLUE!

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