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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

woefull Dodgers continue descent into hell

Dodgers lineup

Chad Billingsley-2-4 vs. J.A. Happ-3-5

the woefull Dodgers continued their spiraling descent into hell last night, as this awful season continues. what may bright spots are few and far between this month. the Dodgers would need to win 4 of their last 7 games in order to avoid finishing with the worst record in may in LA dodger history. wow just wow. after the latest 2-out 9th inning blown save, im almost left speechless.
the entire bullpen has been rendered ineffective. Broxton, Kuo, Padilla, Hawksworth, are all out with injuries. the rest of the bullpen is so ineffective, you might as well pull names out of a hat.
the bench is lousy, nonexistent offense, unless its from kemp and or ethier. and other than Kemp, no speed. our catchers are awful. Big Rod is a feast or famine hitter, he hits homeruns every week, but with a .235 avg, and an awful .280 OBP. Navarro is horrendouz, and both cant block the plate, throw out runners, or even call a good game, as evident the other night, when big rod, and Garland couldnt agree on pitch selection.

after last night's latest confusing, agonizing debacle, were left with little positives.
one positive, Dre isnt hurt serious, as evident by last night's pinch hit single. the starting pitching is very good normally, and Jerry Sands is starting to develop into a good slugger with tons of opposite field pop, and hes proven to be an adequat defender.
it seems like every night, the starting pitching, Dre, Kemp and Carroll, play their hearts out and do all they can to keep the team in games, and the rest of the team is just lousy. all im going to say at this point is that moves need to be made, there is no shame in rebuilding. please stop playing Gibbons over tony gwynn, and can we please please please for the love of all that is holy in this world stop batting Loney third? for cyring out loud, Jeez!
Ethier stis out again tonight. Donnie better use him in the late innings then. Navaro is still playing, and Loney batting third again....cries.......

so how can the Dodgers overcome, and get back on the right track? well winning tonight would be one. they have to start winning games, and winning series. as fans we need to take whatever positives we can get, I mea it cant get any worse right? could it?.....ughhhhhh

as far as the pitching matchup in tonight's game 2. Chad Billingsley takes the mound for the Dodgers, hes 3-3 against houston, and 2-4 on the regular season. he will counter J.A. Happ. thw astros got him in the oswalt trade last year, and while hes had a bad start, hes pitched much better of late, and is 3-5 on the year.

weve just learned that the Dodgers will be calling up top pitching prospect Ruby De la Rosa from AA. I support this decision. weve run out of options. the bullpen is this bad people. well keep you informed on this story as it developes, but De La Rosa is expected to be with the team by later this week.
enjoy the games while their on Dodger fans, because the season goes by quick, and its looking like its going to be a long depressing winter. but lets stay focused on this year. lets not throw in the towel just yet, (throwing in the towel is now called throwing in the cormier). baby steps. game time at 505.

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