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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dodgers hit the road-DBF wins dodgerbobble contest

Dodgers Lineup

*exuse me while I vomit*

Madison Bumgarner-0-6 vs. Chad Billinglsy-2-3

after last nights disgusting forfiet by Don Mattingly, I had a really bad taste in my mouth before going to bed. the Dodgers lost last night 8-5 to the giants, as mattingly was "forced" to use the worst pitcher in baseball lance cormier in the 9th inning in a tie game.
I was thinking and realized the sad truth, Lance Cormier brought his A game last night. thats right folks, Cormier gave us his best game last night, and very nearly got out of it. because after all a game in which Lance Cormier records 3 outs, without allowing a run, and only allows 3 runs in 1.1 innings, means he had a good game. as stac was saying this was not Cormier's fault. no no its wasnt.

what was truly horrifying was Mattingly's indefensible decision to refuse to bring in clearly superior relievers while leaving Cormier in to start the 9th inning. Mattingly's moronic rational, was that with Padilla hurt, Jansen and Guerrier were both "unavailable" to pitch last night, as Jansen had pitched in four of the last five games, and Guerrier in the last two. as Stac pointed out last night this is ridiculous, and unnaceptable. these guys are major league pitchers, and there are going to be many times during the season where they might be asked to pitch several nights in a row. were not asking for much, an inning out of both Guerrier and Jansen, would have at least given our offense a chance to win in the 9th or extra innings. at least use guerrier for 1 inning, before you forfeit the game by leaving in Cormier with the score tied. and believe me as we saw last night, anytime Cormier enters a game, it is an immediate Forfeiture of said game. honestly, theres even no point in continuing the game, why not just let the guys get some extra rest, make an announcement to the crowd, shake hands and call it a night. we here at DBF have always defended Mattingly this season, realizing he is doing the best he can with injuries and an underperforming roster, however we cannot and will not support the crap we saw last night. it better not happen again. Donnie listen up. never lose with your worst, always lose with your best.
 what I do know is that if the giants end up winning the division by a game this year, they will have Don Mattingly and the Dodgers to thank, for this gift win last night. Bruce Bochy should give Don Mattingly a call and thank him.

the other thing that will likly have Dodger fans talking for a while, was the supernatural force, or guardian angels, responsible for the Dodgers miraculous three run eigth inning comeback, highlighted by a Loney game tying hit.
what I think happened was there was two guardian angels that decided to attend the game last night, as they looked out for the boys in blue. after Uribe doubled in two to put the dodgers behind by 1 run, we all grimmaced as Loney lumbered to the plate. we knew what this likly meant, a weak grounder, and the end of the inning with the dodgers trailing by one. however the gaurdian angels came to our rescue, and we should thank them for their efforts. Loney hit a weak grounder to the right side of the infield. one Gaurdian was needed to hold off Aubry Huff and Freddy Sanchez, as both fielders dove for the ball, but were unable to converge. and a second Guardian angel, to propel the ball into right field. the crowd at dodger stadium watched stunned, as the weak loney grounder, somehow inexplicably, floated into right field untouched as the tying run scored. although not even the guardian angels, can make the impossible possible. the impossible being a lance cormier scoreless inning.

we did learn that it is likly that Padilla will have to go on the DL, and the dodgers will be forced to call up ineffective meatballer Ramon Troncsucko, who is actually worse than Cormier, if thats even possible. you cant honestly have me believe that Troncsucko is better than Travis Schlicting.

on a good note, last night I successfully answered the trivia question, winning the Kershaw bobblehead contest. I was the first to answer the trivia question correctly, and win the Clayton Kershaw bobblehead that was given away at the stadium the other night.
this is the Kershaw bobblehead I now own, thanks to my superior Dodger Knowledge.

if youve never checked out this site please do. this site is the number 1 dodgerbobblehead site on the internet! all things dodgerbobble related are here, plus other cool collectibles, plus other cool stuff about the Dodgers. also check out  which is affiliated with dodgerbobble.
dodgerbobble will be doing contests throughout the season, and im planning on winning all of them pretty much. drowning my sorrows in a really cool bobblehead collection will help me deal with all the losing. obviously ill know every question, the only question is will I be able to post the answer quickly enough to beat out other contestants? we shall see.....

as far as the game is concerned tonight, the Dodgers have to pick themselves up and go on. Madison Bumgarner is on the mound for the giants looking for his first win of the season. the left hander is 0-6 this year. the dodgers counter with Chad Billingsly. Bills is coming off that embarassing 1 hit loss to arizona. ( not embarassing for Bills but embarassing for the Dodger lineup).  Bills has always pitched well against the giants, going 6-3 with a 2.63 ERA and 84 Ks.
the game is on at 710 on PT. after the game the Dodgers will go on the road for a 6 game road trip. three in comisky park against the White sox, and three in houston.

keep your heads up Dodger fans. I know things seem bleak right now, but were not that bad, and only 4 games out of first place. its very early in the season still. lots of games left to play, anything can happen. plus we had a real chance of winning last night, had it not been for Mattingly's forfieture.
dont give up. lets stay united. we have to stick together. remember what we said earlier in the season? the baseball season is a rollercoaster. ups and downs. things will get better. they will. keep hope alive. we have the intangible on our sides. GO BLUE

*what was the trivia question? who was the only other LA dodger pitcher besides Koufax to strike out 18 batters in a game?*
the answer is Ramon Martinez, who struck out 18 in 1990


  1. I know I'm commenting on this very late, I don't know how I missed this post. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. no worries DB! your welcome. looking forward to the next contest! thanks