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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dodgers Drop Third in a Row, 1-Run Offense Doesn't Cut it

Dodgers 1 5 0
Brewers 2 9 0
WP-Marcum (5-1)
LP-Garland (1-3)
S-Axford (9)

There's not much new to report, as the Dodgers lose again because of total lack of offense. Jon Garland wasn't horrible, but we all know giving up two runs will not win games with this offense.

In the second inning Uribe hits a homerun, but is robbed by Gomez who reaches over the fence to catch the ball. In the third, Jay Gibbons also made a great catch in left field when Weeks hits a fly ball. As he catches it, he slams his shoulder into the scoreboard. Gomez is then hit by the pitch and steals second. Fielder singles over Carroll's glove and Gomez scores making it 1-0 Brewers.

The Dodgers go down 1-2-3 in the first three innings with not one man reaching base.

In the bottom of the fourth the Dodgers get back-to-back singles by Carroll and Miles who gets a nice bunt single. The runners advance to 2nd & 3rd on Ethier's ground ball. Carroll scores on a Matt Kemp fly ball making it 1-1. That would be all for the Dodger's bats tonights. They packed them up after that offensive explosion.

In the fifth they would waste a rare leadoff double by Gibbons.

In the 6th, Corey Hart doubles, and he reaches third on a fly ball from Lucroy. Garland walks the pitcher Marcum. Then Weeks promptly singles in Hart, 2-1 Brewers. Honeycutt visits the mound. Garland then gets Gomez to ground out to Uribe who makes a nice play to save another run.

The Dodgers go down 1-2-3 in the 6th.

Garland pitches 6 innings, allowing 7 hits, 2 runs, 4 walks, and 1 strikeout.

Kenley Jansen comes in to pitch the 7th and only allows a 2 out single to McGehee. In the bottom of the 7th Uribe and Loney somehow manage to get back-to-back singles, but of course Gibbons then whiffs, Big Rod flies out, and Navarro, sigh, flies out to end the inning.

Marcum pitches 7 innings, allowing 5 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, and 4 strikeouts.

Guerrier comes in to pitch in the 8th and has a shaky inning but gets out of the jam. Loe, comes in for the Brewers, and shuts down the Dodgers 1-2-3.

Guerrier for some reason is left in to pitch in the 9th, and quickly allows a lead off double to Braun. Then Fielder is intentionally walked. Elbert comes in and gets McGehee to fly out. Dougie, the third pitcher of the inning (hey remember the three-headed closer a la Torre?) comes in and gets Hart to ground into a force (should have been a double play), and Betancourt grounds out.

Axford comes in and blows the Dodgers away by striking out Kemp, Uribe, and then Loney is the fat lady and flies out.

Tomorrow Hiroki Kuroda will try to break this depressing streak, but we all know the run support he usually gets. Until tomorrow, Dodger Fans!

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