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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matt Guerrier blows another game.

Dodgers 1  6  0
Astros    2  9  0

Honestly, I dont think Don Mattingly is going to last very long as Dodger Manager. I just dont understand his decisions. they are baffling to the mind. first of all, he rests Ethier, again, then allows him to pinch hit with first base open, knowing full well, the Astros would just walk him. he bats James Loney third again, and continues to play useless players like Gibbons, Navarro, Guerrier. etc. etc.

all of these poor decisions, plus a lousy team, lead the Dodgers to a 2-1 loss to the cellar dwelling astros, and another series loss for the boys in blue. there on pace to lose 90 games, unless they get rid of these terrible players, and get a new manager. why not Tim Wallach? im sorry Im just not a fan of Don Mattingly.

the pitching matchup was an odd one. Youth vs. age. Houston's rookie rule 5 draft guy, Aureny Rodriquez, against, Ted "father time" Lilly. Lill normally underwhelming with declining velocity, pitched well, only allowing 1 run through 6 innings. but the Terrible Dodger offense again couldnt score.

Lilly allowed a first inning run on the very first pitch of the game. a leadoff Meatball down the pipe, led to a leadoff homerun for Micheal Bourne. 1-0 Houston.

the Dodgers didnt have a hit until the 4th inning, when Kemp singled.

it was 1-0 in the 5th, when the Dodgers had a chance to score, but as usual left runners stranded at second and third.
Navarro, reached base by way of a bunt single. perfectly placed. funny seeing a 240 pound Man of blubber, beating out an infield single.

Sands strikes out. Miles singles, Navarro goes to second. Lilly sacrifices the runners to second and third, but furcal grounds out. meh

move to the top of the 6th, the Dodgers get their only run on a Matt Kemp homer to lefti field. serioulsy Kemp crushed that pitch. tie game. Kemp his 12th homerun of the year, to lead the team.

in the top of the 7th, Wilton Lopez comes in to relieve Rodriguez.

here are both starting pitchers lines-Lilly- 6IP- 6 hits 1 BB 2 strikeouts.
Rodriguez- 6IP 4 htis, 1 run, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts

with Lopez pitching, the Dodgers had a rally going, but Another one of Mattinglys puzzling moves leads to failure as usual.
Navarro another infield single leading off the inning.  Sands struck out. (sands had a bad game striking out three times) Miles hits into a force play at second. what happened was the astros second baseman did not step on the bag at second. so the runner is out at first, but Navarro is safe at second. replays showed a good call by the umpire, Hall's foot was indeed not on the bag.
with the pitchers spot up next, Mattingly foolishly uses Dre as a pinch hitter, knowing full well with first base open, Houston would just walk him again, (they did this same move last game) and Dre would be wasted. this happens. putting dre at first, and Navarro still at second. this brings up Furcal, who hasnt started hitting yet. he grounds out back to the box.

the Dodger bullpen is so innefective, you cant use certain guys with the game on the line. Macdougal (dougie) comes into to pitch the 7th, and almost blows it, if not for a great play by Navarro. (dont worry guerrier would easily blow the game away in the 9th, well get to that in a minute)

Hall leads off by strikeing out. J.R. Towles, the catcher, singles to left. here we go. Michaels pinch hitting for Lopez, walks. first and second. Bourne grounds into a fielders choice. Michaels out at second, Bourne safe at first. the Dodgers would have been out of the inning, but cant turn the double play. Towles goes to third. with Sanchez at bat. Dougie throws a wild pitch in the dirt, that gets away from Navarro. the ball takes a lucky bounce off the back wall, behind home plate, and bounces back a few feet away from Navarro. Towles the runner at third, breaks for home Navarro, makes a really great play, he scoops up the ball, and heaves himeself in front of home plate, just in front of the sliding Towles. Towles is unable to slide around Navarro's blubber fat, and is called out, and somehow the Dodgers get out of it. you would have to see this play with your own eyes to believe it.

in the 8th inning, Folchino relieves Wilton, and the Dodgers still cant score. although with two outs, Kemp doubles, but the Astros walk Gibbons, and get Navarro to fly out.

Javy Guerra a non bum reliever, pitches a 123 8th inning. (why wasnt he brought in to pitch the 9th?)

melancon, who ends up getting the win, retires the dodgers in order in the top of the 9th.

move to the bottom of the 9th. with the game tied at 1-1, Mattingly brings in Matt Guerrier. it was obvious to everyone in the world, that Guerrier would blow this game very easily. Guerrier and Jansen, both have been so inneffective, you just cant bring them into 1 run or tied games, in the 9th innings, as there is zero chances for error.

after a johnson fly out, Guerrier blows the game away. not suprising at all. what a watse of money on this loser. Wallace doubles over Kemp's head in center. maybe Kemp should have had it, but maybe Guerrier shouldnt be throwing meatballs in a tie game? or maybe Mattingly shouldnt be bringing in ineffective pitchers in tie games, or maybe Don Mattingly should be fired for his epic failures. yep all of the above.

Bogusevic runs for Wallace at second. Bill Hall flies out, there is two outs. another two out blown game as usual. although techincally speaking this wasnt a save chance, but still a blown game none the less, and with two outs again. it never fails. J.R. Towles, the catcher, who was tagged out at home on the wild pitch in the 7th, redeems himself. he hits a single into center, clean base hit, the winning run scores easily, and thats it. the dodgers lose another series, and fall to 22-29 on the season, as they continue their quest for the NL west Cellar.

in all seriousness, im done with this team. its time to throw in the towel, and start making some changes. time to sell some players for some prospects, and fire Don Mattingly. this kind of play is unnaceptable to us Dodger fans. we all deserve better than this. too bad there is no one really running things that would step up, give out some pink slips to some of these loser players, and fire Don Mattingly. just make sure that when you give the pink slip to Gibbons, you hold it up right in front of his face so he can see it.

tomorrow is an off day, and the Dodgers return home to play the Marlins, and Rockies. they should lose 4 out of 6. well be back Friday night for the usual losscap. DBF and the Dodgers will be taking a much needed day off. Jon Garland takes the mound friday night for the Dodgers. go blue

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