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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids Incorporated-Dodgers youth lead team to 5-4 win

Dodgers  5  6 0
Astros    4  5  1

Ruby De La Rosa, Dodgers top prospect, debuts in houston, pitching a scoreless inning.

Jerry Sands crushes a monster grand slam home run

ill say one thing about the Dodgers, its never a dull moment. right before the game, we learned the Dodgers had called up their top pitching prospect Ruby De La Rosa, and Designated the worst pitcher in baseball, Lance Cormier for assignment. this of coarse was followed by intense celebration, at the gift of never having to be forced to watch another Lance Cormier appearance ever again. we also got our first look at the Dodgers minor league pitcher of the year in 2010. RDLR was in uniform for the game, and pitched a scoreless inning, while the Dodgers scored 5 runs, four of them off one swing of the bat by rookie phenom Jerry Sands. Sands clobbered a  grand slam homerun, leading the Dodgers to a much needed win.

lets get to the highlights. after scoreless first innings, from Chad Billingsley, and J.A. Happ, the Dodgers broke things open in the second. Jay Gibbons, hit a line drive homerun to right field, his first of the season, putting the Dodgers ahead early 1-0. apparently his contacts under the roof at the juice box, dont bother him.

Bills allows a double to wallace int he second, but strikes out Hall and Johnson.

the Dodgers score the rest of their runs in the third. Bills leads off the inning by striking out. hit machine grounds out, with two outs the Dodgers score 4 runs. I dont know what it is with two outs this year with the Dodgers.
Carroll walks.  Loney singles to center, sending Carroll to secdon. Kemp hits a sharp grounder to secondbase. Bill Hall, (who the Dodgers decided not to sign in the offseason) bobbles the ball, and cant throw out Kemp. bases loaded for Sands. Sandman absolutly crushes a pitch out to deep center field. this kids got pop! its a grand slam home run for Sands. the first of the year for the Dodgers putting them ahead 5-0.

Bills had good stuff, he struck out 9, but he had a bad inning in the bottom of the 3rd.
Quintero flies out, Happ strikes out. two outs. then the astros score three runs of Bills, with 2 outs. two outs again. are we noticing a theme here?
Bourne walks. Barmes bloop single to left, Bourne to second. Pence, (the guy with the high socks, who hits with his elbows sticking way out.) who is a good hitter, doubles to right, scoring Bourne, Barmes to third. 5-1. Lee singles to center, scoring Barmes, and Pence. 5-3 Dodgers. Bills gets pissed. with his anger over allowing those runs, he strikes out Wallace to end the inning.

both teams go down 123 in the fourth and fith innings. Happ is taken out after only 5 innings, after he allows 5 runs, on only 3 hits mind you. 2 walks 4 strike outs.

in the bottom of the 6th inning, Bills runs into trouble again, but is able to get out of it still ahead.
Pence leads off with a double. then Bills cant throw a strike. Lee and wallace are both walked to load the bases, with noone out. ive got my noose ready.
Johnson hits a fly ball to center, which scores Pence, its a 1 run ballgame 5-4. were all getting ready for the worst, but Bills digs down and strikes out Hall, and retires Quintero on a foul out. thank the lordy.

Del rosario relieves Happ and pitches two scoreless innings, int he 6th and 7th.

Bills goes 6 innings, allowing 4 runs, on 5 hits, walks 3 but strikes out 9. he leaves leading 5-4.

Dougie comes in to pitch the 7th, and proves that hes more consistent, then Guerrier, and Jansen. he strikes out Bourn and Barmes, making them look foolish, with some nice heaters.

Escalona strikes out Carroll and Loney, and then Houston brings in flamethrower Wilton Lopez. he strikes out Kemp.

the score is still 5-4 in the bottom of the 8th, and we finally get to see top prospect Ruby De La Rosa.
the youngster comes in throwing heat. 95-97 MPH heaters. he goes 3-2 on the first hitter Pence, and strikes him out swinging, on a 95 fastball.
Carlos Lee grounds out to Furcal, who makes a wide throw, but Loney comes off the bag for a nice tag. two outs.
next Wallace, who is hitting well right now, is called out on a called strike three. a nasty off speed pitch, gets Wallace looking.

the top of the 9th gets interesting, with no one throwing in the bullpen for the Dodgers, De La Rosa was all set to come out for the bottom of the 9th. since the bullpen has been so innefective, I dont blame Donnie.

Lopez still in to pitch the 9th, strikes out Sands. Navarro amazingly singles into right field. Gwynn reaches on a fielders choice. Miles singles, gwynn to third. so theres first and third, with 2 outs. the pitchers spot due up. Donnie decides to roll the dice again. why not right? it worked last night. Ethier who had been resting for the second straight game with a lefty starter, is called off the bench to pinch hit again. last night he had a go ahead pinch hit single, which was wasted by another meltdown.

predictably, the Astros intentionally walk Dre to load the bases for Furcal. furcal battles Lopez deep into the count, but is called out looking on strike three.

so who would be closing for the Dodgers? Javy Guerra, come on down! the rook does his job quite nicly. Johnson lines out to right. 1 out. Hall strikes out two down. could this be? a for reals 123 9th inning save situation for the dodgers? tis could. sanchez flies out, to end the game. Dodgers win 5-4!

finally a win! the rooks came through for us today. Sands is really heating up! De La Rosa, looked very good. Guerra and Elbert have been solid. lets also not forget Bills despite a bad inning, pitched well, and kept us in the game. they all get game balls tonight. so hey we finally get a win, and things dont seem to bad after a win dont they? so Cormier is gone (halleluja!), Dre should be back in the lineup tomorrow, and Blake, and Hawksworth should be back by later this week. Blake is actually on a rehab assignment right now. baby steps towards steps towards respectability......

tomorrow afternoon, in the rubber game, Lilly vs. Rodriguez. game time at 1105AM. well see you then Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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