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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dodgers little league lineup comes up empty in loss to Dbacks

Dbacks    4  8  0
Dodgers  1  6  0

after losing last night 1-0, despite Chad Billinglsy only allowing 1 hit through 8 innings, Donnie throws out the aforementioned lineup I had posted earlier. after looking at that lineup, we all knew they wouldnt be scoring much. heck if they scored just 1 run that would be a feat.

so it looked like Lilly would need to pitch a shutout, in order for us to win. this did not happen. no. Ted Lilly did not pitch a shutout. no he did not.

the Dodgers little league lineup, floundered all day. everyone struck out at least once except for Miles.

Lilly pitched a 123 inning in the first. the Dodgers threatened in the bottom half, but of coarse cant score.
Carroll (the singles machine) singles, Miles also singles, putting runners at first and second. Dre strikes out, but as the Dodgers pull a balsy double steal, with runners at second and third now, Kemp walks to load the bases. Loney weakly flies out, Navarro strikes out. we get nothing.

the Dbacks score 4 in the top of the second, as Ted "mediocre" Lilly, decomposes. Stephen Drew leads off and walks. then the fireworks happen. light hitting Xavier Nady crushes a meatball into the bleachers. Ryan Roberts immediatly follows with a home run of his own, making it 3-0 snakes. Montero is hit by a pitch, Parra singles, then Kennedy sacrifices the runners over. Montero comes home on a Chris Young scoring fly ball. 4-0 Arizona.

Lilly would settle down, pitching 6 innings, but none of that mattered, the Dodgers little league lineup couldnt muster up any kind of offense. of thier 6 hits on the night, 4 of them came from Carroll and Miles at the top of the lineup.

Lilly pitches out of trouble again, allowing a Stephen Drew single, walking Roberts, and hitting Montero again. he gets parra to fly out to escape the jam.

int he bottom of the 3rd, Carroll doubles, and Miles single, however the rest of the inning went like this, Ethier fly out, Kemp strike out, Loney strike out. oh boy there.

we move along to the top of the 7th, as Macdougal relieves Lilly. Lilly goes 6 allows 4 runs, 5 hits two walks, two hit batters, 5 strike outs. a thouroughly mediocre outing, from a mediocre pitcher. Lilly's ERA is now 4.83. although being a number 5 pitcher, our expectations are already low for him.

Dougie despite allowing singles to johnson and Upton, escapes without a run, striking out two.

in the bottom of the 7th, Esmerling Vasquez replaces Kennedy. Kennedy pitches well. going 6 1 run 4 hits, 8K. he had made too many pitches by this point to have left him in.

the Arizona bullpen which is very good, took over and had little problems, keeping this feeble lineup quiet. Vazquez pitches a scoreless inning, working around a very rare Uribe walk.

the only positive to take out of this loss today, is that the two young kids, making their debuts, pitched very well, giving us hopes, that they can stabalize the dodger bullpen.

Scott Elbert, now the lone lefty in the pen, replacing the Injured Kuo, came in and struck out the side, throwing smoke.
the Dodgers right before the game, announced, they had placed Hawksworth on the dl with his groin strain, and called up double AA pitcher Javy Guerra. Guerra also pitched well in the 9th. only allowing a single, picking off  a runner, and striking out Kelly Johnson.

so what have these two youngsters won? you guessed it, an all expenses year long stay in the Dodger bullpen! Scott Elbert, Javy Guerra, Come on down! by the way boys, if you one day happen to see a very large marshmellow man, with a frown on his face, dont be alarmed, thats just Jontathon Broxton!

David hernandez came into pitch the bottom of the 8th inning. Carroll strikes out. Miles singles. Dre flies out, Kemp strikes out.

J.J. Putz, the Dbacks closer comes in for the bottom of the 9th. Leading off, Loney gets a lucky bloop double off the glove of a diving Parra. Parra still in fair territory, as the ball bounced off his glove, rolling a few feet away. fatty Navarro, who resembles nothing of a major league player in any way. strikes out. seriously that guy is a waste of a roster spot. Uribe walks. Big Rod comes off the bench to bat for Guerra, and of coarse hits a long flty ball all the way to the wall, and is caught at the wall by Upton. Sands pops out to end the game.

Andre Ethier went hitless and did not reach base, snapping his consecutive games reached base streak at 37.

I have hopes that the bullpen will see better days, but we still need to do something about this awful lineup. hit machine is still several days away playing rehab with the Isotopes. what else can we do?

the Dodgers are now 19-22, third place in the NL west. the Milwaukee Brewers come into town for a two game series. Marcum will pitch against Jon Garland tomorrow at 710. is there anything that can save the Dodgers from this continuous offensive incomptenance? lets keep hoping. go blue

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