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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dodgers scream from mountain top! Can they make a run?

Dodgers Lineup

*why isnt hit machine playing today? and navarro? why Donnie, do you torture us with your Bizarre lineup decisions?*
Clayton Mortensen-1-2 vs. Ted Lilly-3-4

Chad Billingsley fist bumps Rafael (Hit Machine) Furcal after Furcal's homerun

The Dodgers have now won two in a row! and three of their last four games. with a win tonight, the Dodgers can secure their second straight series win, and move back into a third place tie, with the struggling Rockies.
its really been a team effort, and everyone has contributed in some way. Kershaw and Bills have given us a great and solid performences respectivly, and really everyone has been hitting the last two games.  the Dodgers have outscored their opponents 15-1 over this stretch. normally it would take the Dodgers three weeks to score that many runs. with James Loney hitting two home runs on this homestand, and hitting over .300 in the mnth of may. yes Loney! say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! what you talkin' bout willis!? no really Loney had another three hit game yesterday, with another homerun, his second three hit game of the homestand. this brings his avg. up from auto out levels, to pretty bad, now up to a solidly mediocre .249. for Loney this is amazing. has he finally found his stroke? I should hope so. as Stac put last night, someone lit a fire under "groundball's ass. maybe the thought of possibly losing his job was the key? hopefully we can lose his moniker of "groundball" and he can be called James "longball" Loney, althought weve got a long way to go before he reaches that plateau.
Dre had another three hit game, and the Dodgers sparkplug Rafael (hit Machine) Furcal, conitues to ignite the Dodger Offense. after three hits the other night, Hit Machine goes 2 for 4 with a homer the other night night. when the Dodger offense is firing on all cylinders, its no suprise that Hit Machine, is the catalyst at the top. hey even Jay "contacts in the wind" Gibbons is even showing signs of life.  yes lets hope that blind bastard continues to hit.

but can the Dodgers put it all together and make a run? with June 1st approaching tomorrow, 25% of the season is in the books, but the Dodgers will have to get past the bastard Rockies tonight, who may be struggling, but are never easy to beat.

so lets not start counting our chickens before their hatched. or should I say lets not start counting our mediocre 5th starters before they take the mound. Ted Lilly (3-4) will take the mound for the Dodgers today. normally this involves, a usual underwhelming performence and declining velocity from Ted "father time" Lilly.  However Lilly has pitched well his last two times out, and if he can keep the ball in the park, hell keep us in the game. Colorado wil counter with youngster Clayton Mortensen. the righty is 1-2 this year, but has pitched better than his record indicates. in his last start, Mortensen walked two batters, before Montero took him deep in a 6-3 Colorado loss to Arizona. (first place Arizona, isnt it wierd saying that?) lets hope the Dodgers continue this little burst of Offense going today.

also check out another great article from MSTI-

he writes a piece on who should be cut when Marcus Thames returns from injury, which should be sometime later this week. also returning from injury soon, is Vicente Padilla, who was seen with the club already, and could be back in a week or so, after one more rehab start.

Tommy Lasorda, is recovering from a Bacterial infection. Lasorda is fine and spent four days in the hospital. get well Tommy!
the Dodgers are getting healthier, and there starting to play better. the season isnt over yet. can the boys in blue make a run for first place? we shall time at 710. GO BLUE

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