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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dodgers climb over Rockies in west

Rockies   2  5  0
Dodgers  8  9  0

Ted Lilly, pitches 7 strong innings, picking up his fourth win

Casey Blake battles rustyness, as he hits a three run homerun

The Dodgers continue their offensive onslaught, as they score 8 more runs, crushing the Rockies, 8-2. several Dodgers deserved game balls tonight, as It was a team contribution. Matt Kemp homered, and drove in four runs, Casey Blake hit a three run homerun, and Ted Lilly pitched 7 innings allowing just 2 runs off 4 hits, as the Dodgers won their third in a row, and their fourth in five games., and continue to climb the standings, jumping over the slumping Colorado for third place.

Ted Lilly must have drank from the fountain of youth before the game, as he put up another quality start. you know we make fun of Lilly alot here on DBF, and while I feel weve been pretty fair, alas we just cant talk any smack about him tonight, he was solid, as he evens his books at 4-4.
its not pretty when lilly pitches but he gets the job done. he mixes speeds and works both sides of the rubber. Lilly throws everything at you, and would toss the kitchen sink at you if he could.

in the first innning, Lilly retires the side in order.

the Dodgers strike first in the first. there trying a new strategy for this year, its called scoring runs! thats right the Dodgers are actually scoring runs. they kept the momentum going tonight. Blake walks, and then is erased at second base on Ethier's fielder's choice grounder. Bison then blasts a Clayton Mortensen pitch into the right field pavillions. Kemps 13th homer, 2-0 Dodgers!

in the second inning, Lilly gets Mullet man and Helton looking on called third strikes. Lilly retires the first six batters of the game.

move to the top of the third inning, where the rockies close the lead to one, with help from a bonehead play by Aaron Miles.

Nelson leads off with a double. Iannetta strikes out looking, but Nelson steals third without a throw. remember Lilly's weakness is that really slow crotchity windup, and high leg kick. teams tend to run wild on him. its kind of like when you were in junior high school and sneaking out of class once the teacher's back is turned, well with Lilly the whole class runs out.

Mortensen the pitcher, hits a fly ball to shallow right field. Miles and ethier converge, with Miles playing second base. Ethier had an easier play without his back to the play. Miles just wasnt having it, he races in and makes the catch but with his back to the play. Nelson sees this and tags up and scores ahead of a wide throw from Miles. 2-1 Dodgers.
young steals second on Lilly, thanks to his leg kicking windup like hes on broadway.  no worries though, not tonight, as Lilly strikes out fowler on a called third strike. Fowler looking like a statue at the plate. :)

in the bottom of the third, after Lilly grounds out, Carroll walks. Blaker doubles down the line at third, as the ball rolls underneath the tarp. with second and third, Colorado takes the bat right out of Ethier's hands, intentionally walking him, as they take their chances with Kemp. this always makes me laugh, teams have been doing this all year, walking Ethier to get to Kemp....ok then Colorado, how did this one turn out? yeah not good, Kemp singles to left, scoring two more. 4-1 Dodgers. Blake sliding past Iannetta just ahead of the throw at home. Iannetta argues that he is out, but Blake is clearly safe. foolish Rockies, when will they learn. you cant pitch to Dre or Kemp, they both will beat you.
Loney grounds into a doulbe play to end the inning.

Lilly rolls along through the 4th, retiring the rockies in order again, striking out Mullet man for the second time.

the Dodgers add one more in the bottom of the 5th. Sands Doubles. after Navarro flies out, Miles doubles over the head of Ty Wigginton, and off his outstretched glove. Sands scores, and the Dodgers lead 5-1. Wigginton is playing out of position in right field, normally he is a third baseman.

Lilly sets down the rockies in order again in the 5th, strikeing out Wigginton.

Matt belisle comes in to replace Mortenson. the youngster last only 4 innings, allowing 5 runs, and takes the loss.

in the top of the 6th, Lilly retires the side again, strikeing out Young, and Cargo.

Lilly got through the top of 7th, despite allowing a solo home run to Wigginton.

Lilly goes 7, allows only 2 runs off 4 hits, walks none and strikes out 8. 5-2 Dodgers.

in the bottom of the 7th, Matt Daly comes in to pitch. Daly, (the crouchy guy) allows three runs to put the game out of reach. afetr a miles fly out, Gibbons, off the bench batting for Lilly, singles. Carroll singles Gibbons goes to second. with Daly still pitching, Blake deposits a ball into the left field bleachers, for his third home run of the year. the Dodgers take an 8-2 lead! dodger fans starved for runs, drink it in.
Ethier walks, Kemp grounds into a fielder's choice, Reynolds is brought in, and Loney flies out.

the Dodgers with a 6 run lead, rbing in top rookie prospect, Ruby De La Rosa, to pitch the last two innings. he does his job. Iannetta and herrera fly out, and Young strikes out.

in the 9th and with De La Rosa still in, Fowler strikes out. with two outs, Mullet man tries to get some late inning revenge by doubling, but it means nothin! Helton flies out to sands to end the game. the I love LA song blares over the Dodger stadium PA, and the Dodgers have now won three in a row!

the Dodgers have now scored 23 runs in their last three games. yes!  the Dodgers! im not kidding here. with this win, and since the giants and arizona lost, the Dodgers climb over Colorado, into third place. there are now 4.5 games behind Arizona.

with another quality start, and great offensive production, the Dodgers have now won their second straight series, and have finally won a homestand. can the Dodgers complete the sweep tomorrow? can the Dodgers make a run at first place? only time will tell......

Stac will cover tomorrow and then the Dodgers are off, before going off to Cincy for the weekend. Stac is on vacation this weekend, so I will be lone soldering it. im very impressed with the Dodgers play, since Blake and Furcal are back, the Dodgers are scoring alot more runs. lets keep this going!
tomorrow the winless Ubaldo Jimenez goes to the mound for the rockies, as the Dodgers will counter with Jon Garland, who has only won once this year.
the Dodgers are on a roll! go blue!

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