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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dodgers stuck in de ja blues

Dodgers lineup

Ted Lilly-2-3 vs. Kevin Correia-5-2

The Dodgers continue to find new and embarrassing ways to lose games this year. with a bad umpire call, a useless offense, and an injured Kuo, dropping the first game of this four game series with the Pirates.  yeah now were even losing to the pirates. thats right folks doesnt matter who we play or where. it feels eriily similar to last season, only with the ownership situation soap opera unfolding before us, and plumeting attendance.

to tell you the truth, the bullpen wasnt even that bad, Kuo has been hurt, and they cant keep marching him out like this. they need to DL him again. broxton, is hurt, (and most likly finished as well) , and Lance Cormier is a complete waste of a roster spot. why cant Travis schlicting pitch the blowout games? or anyone else.
but this lousy offense is just unnaceptable. something must be done. something must be done to take Loney out of the lineup, hes just utterly useless. he has 2 extra base hits, and no hes not starting to hit at all, his few hits hes gotten this week, have all mostly been bloopers and flares. Im not even going to complain about Miles anymore, damm at least hes hitting in the .260s the three bums of Loney, uribe, and Barajas are just awful. and why does it take someone getting ejected for Dejesus to get to play? if miless has to play? fine, then move him to first base, and play dejesus at second. or put gibbons at first, shit I dont care, just bench loney now!
I did however notice an interesting stat about the Dodger offense. they are third in the league in hits. thats right, the dodgers. so how could that be? lack of speed, and extra base hits. other than Kemp no one steals bases, or goes from first to third on a hit. also no extra base hits, and they dont hit many home runs.

so there you have it, its looking like a repeat of last year. lousy punchless offense, useless bench, weak middle relief pitching. Ted Lilly will try and get the Dodgers back on shore, but Kevin Correia will be attempting to make the boys in blue walk the plank. Lilly is coming off a bad start, and is a career 5-4 and a very mediocre 3-3 at pnc park. meanwhile Kevin Correia is having quite the hot start. with a solid 2.91 ERA, while still winless at home, Correia has gone six innings in six of his last seven starts.
game time at 405 on KCAL. keep hope alive! go blue!

*please note, I am in no way advocating the continuance of Aaron Miles as a major league player, in any way shape or form, just pointing out, that hes still better than Loney right now*
*please note that I am also desperate for any kind of runs, and am also delirious from excessive losing, please forgive me* go blue!

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