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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dodgers season has gone up in smoke

Dodgers lineup

Ricky Nolasco-4-0 vs. Clayton Kershaw-5-3

*yay Sands at first! no loney! boooo navarro*
can the Dodgers win a series? ill believe it when I see it. our pitchers keep getting no-decisions, or losses, because our offense is useless. although Kuroda had another bad game last night, but he wasnt that bad. whatever. I dream of a day where one day the Dodgers average more than 1 run off 5 hits per game.
Ive been so depressed from the Dodgers awful play latly. just look at the half assed post game loss cap I did last night.....ugghhhhhh
which will make this Kershaw start a likly 1-1 tie through 7 innings, more than likley. hey they couldnt hit the Marlins Bullpen last night. but then again they really cant hit anyone anywhere. Ricky Nolasco gets the start today, hes 4-0 on the year. the Dodgers counter with kershaw who is 5-3, and coming off of a 1 run through 6 innings, no decision. ah yes I remember that was the game Matty Guerrier blew away.

the Dodgers have only won 1 series since that chicago series they won in mid April. and even that series was questionable, because they won 2 out of three in phittsburgh and the fourth game was rained out.

but the Dodgers are a bit healthier. Furcal and Blake are back in the lineup. so can the Dodgers win their first series at home in like 10 years or something like that?......dont hold your breath folks. let me to go to my crsytal ball.....what do I see? I see.... I see......1 run off 5 hits for the boys in blue... game time at 110PM........Go Blue

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