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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mediocrity thou art the Dodgers

Cubs      4  7  0
Dodgers 1  6  0
Ethier 29 game hitting sreak

the Dodger bullpen blew another game as the dodgers fall below .500 again. fat loser Broxton put the go ahead runs on base, before being taken out for Hawksworth, who of coarse blew the game with 2 outs, as the Dodgers lost to the cubs 4-1 Andre Ethier also extended his hit streak to 29 games, tying for the second longest streak in Dodgers history.

the Dodgers wasted a great start by billingsly. Dempster also pitched very well, as both pitchers came out after 7 innings with the score tied at 1-1

Ryan Dempster, the pitcher who shakes his glove, was a bit wild in the first inning but got out of it. he began with leadoff walks to Carroll and Sands. but ethier grounded into a double play, and Kemp lined out to Pena.

both pitchers were rolling right along. with it still scoreless, the dodgers got a big break in the 4th. after Castro strikes out, Ramirez doubles to the gap in center. Ramirez slides into second base, but while getting up he lifts his foot off the bag. Carroll alertly tags him out as his foot is in the air. Bryd grounds out to end the inning.
in the bottom of the 4th, Ethier singles to right, just over the diving Darwin Barney's glove. Ethier is now only two away from tying the all time dodger hit streak. GO DRE!!!!

however Ethier is left stranded as after Uribe singles him to second, Loney does what he does, and grounds out weakly. inning over.

Billingsly gets out of a tough jam in the 6th, when with 1 out, Fukudome walks. advances to second on a barney single. castro grounds into a force out, as Miles is unable to turn the double play. fortunatly thougn, ramirez is forced out on a grounder at second base.

the Dodgers finally broke the tie in the bottom of the 6th. Carroll leads off and singles to right field. Sands sacrifices. after ethier grounds out, Kemp signles to center, Carroll scoring just ahead of the throw. 1-0 Dodgers :). Kemp would go on to steal second base. Uribe grounds out.

in the 7th inning, Carlos Pena hits his first home run of the year into the chicago bullpen, with noone on base. tie game at 1-1.

after loney miraculously singles in the 7th, Dempster is left in and is able to work out of it. big rod and miles strike out to no one's suprise. then Jay Gibbons making his season debut, has like a 10 pitch at bat against Dempster, but is called out on strikes.

both pitchers finish with similar lines.
Bills-7 IP 4 hits allowed 1 run 2 walks and 8 strikeouts
Dempster 7 IP 6 hits and 1 run allowed 2 walks and 5 strikeouts.
both pitchers were not involved int he decision.

Gurrier comes in to pitch the 8th inning and allows a single but nothing more. in the bottom of the 8th, Kerry wood comes in to pitch for the Cubs. yes that Kerry Wood, and yes hes still pitching, and yes hes 100, and yes of coarse the dodgers couldnt hit him. a 123 inning and we move to the top of the 9th inning.

broxton is brought in and predictably fails. after getting ramirez to pop out, he then throws 8 consecutive balls, walking both bryd and pena. with the crowd loudly booing the former closer and now confirmed lard ass, mattingly finally had enough. he pulls Broxton, and brings in Hawksworth with 1 out and runners at first and second. I was thinking even if Hawk cant get the last two outs, its still a good call. and predictably enough, Hawk blows it giving up three runs in a flash. but it looked like he might get out of it.
he gets Soriano to fly out, freezing the runers. now cue meltdown in 3.....2.....1......BOOM

Soto doubles in between Kemp and Ethier rolling to the wall. this scores both Bryd and Pena. 3-1. ot keeps going as former Dodger Blake Dewitt singles in a run, scoring Soto. 4-1.

the only reason the damage stopped and it wasnt a 10-1 blowout was because Kemp makes a diving catch on Fukudome's line drive.

Carlos Marmol a real life closer comes in and shuts the door. retiring the side in order.

even if the Dodgers win tomorrow its another 3-3 mediocre homestand. its no wonder why attendance is down, mainly because the team just isnt very good. several players need to be immediatly given there outright release from the club. Broxton, guerrier, Loney, Miles, Navarro, Cormier all need to have their contracts ripped up. this lousy play is just unnaceptable. expect to see alot more booing.  let the warm glow of mediocrity drench over you. SIGH.....not much Donnie can do about it. he has to use who he has. the worst bullpen in the league, no closer, useless bench, awful catching. we just cant win like this, something needs to be done, they might as well call up a large group of players from the isotopes to take over for the bums I mentioned above, they cant do any worse.

Im going to try once again to forget another frustrating loss. tomorrow is throwback day again, the Dodgers wearing their throwback to brooklyn unis, a 1210 afternoon start time, and a pitching matchup of Zambrano vs. Lilly. as the Dodgers try to split the homestand. see you tomorrow, GO BLUE!!!

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