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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another series loss flushes season down the toilet

Dodgers     3    8  1
White Sox  8  11 3

Another agonzing loss flushes the season further down the toilet. the Dodgers lost to the white sox 8-3, and are on their way to Houtson for a three game series, and then head home. you can almost here the flushing sound........

the Dodgers lost two more players to injuries, I feel like were stuck in an episode of Mash, there dropping like flies out there.

Kuroda had a terrible start, as he matched up against Ediwn Jackson.

the WhiteSox begun early, as Juan Pierre annoyingly singles to lead off the game. then Alexi Ramirez hits a two run bomb to left. after Dunn strikes out, and Konerko flies out, Pierzynski homers to right. its 3-0 Chicago. #%#&@!!!!

in the top of the second, Loney singles, but is picked off of first base on a big rod pop up to shallow right field. honestly I dont know where the hell Loney thought he was going. oh you better believe thats a TOOTBLAN.

the Whitesox score another run in the second inning. Backham singles and Ramirez doubles him home. 4-0.

move along to the fourth inning, where Ethier and big rod are both injured and have to come out of the game.
with 1 out, Beckham is safe on a furcal throwing error. the annoying flying gnat, Juan Pierre, hits a long drive to right, that sends Dre crashing into the wall, Beckham goes to third. Ethier stays in the game, but is clearly wincing in pain after the play. next up, Ramirez hits a pop fly single into shallow right field, ethier came in but was seen hobbling. Mattingly orders Gwynn into the game to replace him. Xrays after the game revealed negative, but Ethier got the trifecta on that play, left elbow contusion, big toe sprain, and lower back contustion.

Beckham scores on the play, Pierre to third. Dunn the ogre walks. Konerko hits a sac fly to center. Kemp's throw to the plate was strong, but Big Rod just doesnt know how to block the plate correctly. Big Rod is way too far behind the plate, and Pierre is in safe sliding, as he kicks Big Rod in the facemask. Big Rod leaves the game, and his xrays are negative. although we learn his injury is to his wrist. he is also listed as day to day. the completly attrocious Navarro takes over at catcher.

the score is 6-0 we move to the top of the 6th. Loney leads off with a double. loser navarro grounds out. Loney moves to third on a wild pitch from Jackson. Loney scores on a gibbons groundout. 6-1
Sands singles, steals second, Mitchell walks, but Furcal strikes out.

Kuroda makes it through the 5th, and we move on to the 6th inning. Carroll singles, but is out at second on a fielder's choice grounder by gwynn. Gywnn takes second on an errant pick off throw. the White Sox had three errors in the game.
Kemp strikes out Loney walks. Chris Sales is brought in to relieve Jackson. Jackson goes 5.2 allowing 1 run on 5 hits 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.
Kuroda goes 5.2 allowing 6 runs 4 earned on 9 hits, 2 wlkas and 3 strikeouts.
Navarro strikes out to end the inning.

Elbert relieves Kuroda in the 6th inning, and walks Dunn, but gets Konerko to pop up.

the Dodgers rally in the 7th inning. Gibbons doubles. (apparently he can only see in the fog, he must have had his eyes closed on that hit) Sands singles, sending Gibbons to third. Mitchell walks to load the bases. we all know how the Dodgers do with the bases loaded dont we? yep epic failures.
Jesse Crain fireballer, relieves Sale. he strikes out Hit Machine. Carroll then walks, forcing in a run. 6-2. tony Gywnn grounds into a fielders choice to score another run. 6-3. Gwynn then steals second, but Kemp grounds out.

Guerra relieves Elbert in the 7th and gets through the inning.

Matt Thorton retires the Dodgers in order in the top of the 8th inning.
Javy Guerra allows two runs in the bottom of the 8th inning. Beckham is hit by a pitch, and sacrificed to second. Ramirez doubles, ( he was 7 for 9 over the last two games of the series) Dunn singles, its 8-3. Tronscucko, comes into replace Guerra and gets Pierzynski to ground into a double play, to get out of the inning.

Thorton stays in to finish things in the 9th and does. Sands does get his fourth hit of the game a double, hes really starting to heat up. he was 4 for 4 today. otherwise, Thorton picks up a save, as the White Sox beat the Dodgers 8-3.

this team is going to give me a heart attack. no wonder my blood pressure is so high latly. these games are going to drive me to drink, im so aggravated. just when we get back Furcal, Uribe goes down again, then Dre and Big Rod are injured. thank god Dre is listed as day- to-day. but expect Ellis to get called up again, unless Big Rod's wrist isnt hurt as bad as we think. still expect a couple of moves tomorrow. so who from the Isotopes is on the 40 man roster? well Ellis is of coarse, then for outfielders, Jamie Hoffman, and trayvon Robinson, and the only infielder is Dejesus.

its not looking like it matters much, this season is going down the toilet. the Dodgers are now 21-27 in fourth place. every day we keep falling back further in the standings. it doesnt look like its going to get better anytime soon. its time to start selling. I dont want to say the season is over in may, but......all im going to say is there is no shame in rebuilding. better to do it now, so we can begin preparing for the future as soon as possible.

tomorrow is a good matchup, Kershaw vs. Norris at the Juice box. a 505 PM start time. well see you then Dodger fans. go blue

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